Past Business Events and Workshops

Growth Through Sustainability 

11 February 2022

We teamed up with eight other local authorities to host a free event on 11 February, ‘Growth Through Sustainability’, to help businesses across Hertfordshire understand how by lowering emissions, they can not only save on major costs but also reduce their carbon footprint. The event was funded by the Hertfordshire Health Protection Board, and supported by Hertfordshire Better Business for All.

If you couldn’t make it on the day, here are some of the highlights.

Watch the video highlight of the event on our YouTube channel

Failure Before Resilience

4 March 2022

As part of the Mama Hive Nourish to Flourish events - award winning entrepreneur Sonya Barlow took the audience on a journey to discover what the impact failure can have on decision-making and methods to build resilience in, your daily life.

The Rebel Business School

March 2022

The Rebel Business School partnered with St Albans City & District Council and other Hertfordshire councils to offer a free live online course that helped people from all backgrounds and situations to become equipped with the tools and skillset to transform their business ideas into sales without intimidating business plans or risky start-up loans.