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Licenses & Registration

Details on how to apply for different licenses or register your business, including alcohol and entertainment licenses, becoming a licensed taxi driver and food premises registration.

Food Premises Registration

All food businesses need to register with the local authority for the area they operate in. It is essential that you keep you information up to date.

Leaflet distribution in town centres

Application Forms to distribute free leaflets, flyer and other printed matter in town centres must be submitted a minimum of seven days before the required date.

Sex Establishments Licences

To run a sex shop (any premises selling sex toys, books or videos) or a sex cinema (showing explicit films to the public) you may need a licence from East Herts Council.

Charity Collections

To carry out charity collections, either door to door or on the street you need to apply for a license.

Cooling Tower Registration

All commercial premises with cooling towers and evaporative condensers must register with the Council.

Street Trading Consents

If you trade in the street you may require a street trading consent. Applications should be made in writing (including by electronic means) to East Herts Council, or the district council for the area you wish to trade.

Skin Piercing & Tattoo Licence

If you own or run a business and wish to carry out, tattooing (including semi-permanent skin colouring), ear-piercing, body piercing, electrolysis or acupuncture you will need to be registered with East Herts Council.

Mobile Homes Site Licences

If someone operates a caravan site which has more than one unit, they need to have a licence issued by the Council.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licence

Landlords need an HMO licence if a property has five or more tenants forming more than one household.

Scrap Metal Licenses

If you are a scrap metal dealer or motor salvage operator you will need to apply to us for a licence. Two types of licence exist: a site licence or a collector's licence; both will be valid for 3 years. However, you can only hold one of these licences per local authority area.

Licenses from other organisations

There are a number of licenses that are issued by outside organisations. Please see our table to help you with your query.