Market Traders

All traders wishing to work in Hertford (commercial) market, Hertford (farmer's) market or Ware (commercial) market must obtain an Enhanced Street Trading Consent.

Please note:

You will need to submit your application at least 14 days before intending to trade.
The minimum period to trade is one month at time.

Traders are invited to trade in:

Please note the above pitch location map PDFs do not meet WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines. please contact if you require further information on locations.

Bishop’s Stortford market is run by Bishop’s Stortford Town Council so please contact:  Tel: 01279 715000 or Email:

New Traders

The Council welcomes enquiries from new traders. Please contact or call 01279 655261 and ask for Licensing to discuss your requirements.

All traders must:

  • Have public liability insurance
  • Supply their own stall for Hertford and Ware weekly retail markets
  • Provide details and have suitable means to dispose of their own waste
  • Supply two passport photographs of the consent holder
  • Pay the required fee

Notes - Please contact us for pitch availability in your preferred market. Due to the size of the farmers market availability is often limited. Both commercial markets regularly have a variety of pitch locations available which can be discussed.


Type of consent Duration Fee (£)
Street trading consent- Occasional (up to one month) per month 149.00
Street Trading: Enhanced (Commercial Markets) per annum 437.00
Street Trading:  Enhanced (Farmers Market*) per annum 437.00

*Whilst the frequency of the Farmers market is less the fee covers the provision, setting up and packing away of a gazebo and table.

How to Apply to trade

You can apply for Enhanced Street Trading using the application form below: 

For further information, please see our Enhanced Street Trading Consent Info Pack and the Farmers Market Food Safety Guide

Application Evaluation Process

Your application will be evaluated against the criteria set out in the Street Trading Consent Policy and against any reasonable and appropriate objections. 

The Council will approve the application if it:
a) meets the criteria set out in the policy, and 
b) there are no reasonable and appropriate objections. 

If the application does not meet the criteria in this policy, or there are reasonable and appropriate objections the Council will contact the applicant and objectors to attempt to resolve the potential reasons for refusal. 

Under certain circumstances if certain grounds for refusal exist East Herts Council may still award consent but for fewer days than require, or to allow trade in certain items only.

East Herts Council will either grant the application or serve a notice of refusal on you within a reasonable time.

The notice will be served if we (the Council) intend to refuse the application, grant it on different terms than those applied for, confine trading to a particular place in a street, vary conditions of a consent or revoke a consent.

The notice will detail the grounds for the decision and state that within seven days of the notice you can request in writing the opportunity to make representations.

Tacit Consent

Tacit consent does not apply. This means that you will be unable to trade until your application is granted.

Additional Markets

If you are interested in arranging an additional Market in Hertford or Ware then this will be covered by street trading legislation. For further information please visit our Street Trading Consents page.