Vision & Corporate Priorities

Our Corporate Strategic Plan sets out our vision and corporate priorities. Our vision is to preserve the unique character of East Herts and ensure it remains one of the best places to live and work.
Our Corporate Strategic Plan
Priority Outcomes we want to see
Priority 1 - Improve the health and wellbeing of our communities
  • Residents living active and healthy lives
  • Support for our vulnerable families and individuals
  • Communities engaged in local issues
Priority 2 - Enhance the quality of people's lives
  • Attractive places
  • Future development best meets the need of the district and its residents
Priority 3 - Enable a flourishing local economy
  • Support our businesses and the local economy
  • Vibrant town centres
  • Working with others, to have achieved the right infrastructure for our businesses and communities



These priorities are measured by a vast array of corporate actions and key performance indicators.  Information on how we have progressed against these measures can be found in our Annual reports page. 

Quarterly updates on how we are measuring against key performance indicators and our financial position is reported at Performance & Governance meetings.  Details of upcoming meetings and a history of previous reports can be found on our Performance, Audit and Governance pages

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