Consultations & Engagement

This page contains links to all of our current public consultations.

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD's) Consultations

The Council is currently consulting on the Open Space, Sport & Recreation SPD between 3rd October and 14th November 2019. For more information on this and other SPD consultations, please see our Supplementary Planning Documents page

PSPO Consultation

The survey is now closed.

For more information on dog fouling and measures to tackle irresponsible dog owners read our page on Dog Fouling & Dog Control.

More information about anti-social behaviour is available on our Anti Social Behaviour page.

Parking Consultations

Details of our latest Parking Consultations are available on our Parking Traffic Regulation Orders page.

Traffic Consultations

Hertfordshire County Council make Traffic orders to regulate traffic. Details of the current orders can be found on our Traffic Orders page.

East Herts Night Time Economy

Since 2016, violent crime in Hertford has increased by 62% and East Herts Community Safety Partnership are offering members of the public an opportunity to provide their thoughts, feelings and experiences regarding the night time economy in the local area to better understand the issues they face.

To provide comment, please see our East Herts Night Time Economy Questionnaire page

Community Governance Reviews

For results of previous community governance reviews, please see our Community Governance Review page

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