Apply for a Contract

If your company would like to be considered for a particular contract you must follow the application instructions detailed in the advertisement. The advert will tell you what is required and invites companies to apply for consideration.

Tendering Process

When you have agreed to tender for a project, the tender documentation will be sent to you from the Division supervising the project.

The tender documents usually contains:

  • Letter of invitation
  • Instructions to tenders
  • Specification
  • Pricing document
  • Quality questions
  • Conditions of Contract

You will be asked to complete and return your tender documents by a given time and date through the e-sourcing tool. The tender documents are all opened at the same time after the tender return date. The Project team will then evaluate your bid against the criteria given and highlighted in the tender documents. If you fail to upload your tender documents by the specified deadline your tender will be excluded from the evaluation process.

There will be competition for these contracts and we can't assure individual businesses of success.

Contract conditions will vary for different contracts. The standard contract for services will be used for some contracts.

In other cases, different forms of contracts may be used, e.g. minor building works contracts.

Successful Tenders

Once contracts have been awarded, there are ongoing procedure in place to monitor performance.

Monitoring Performance

All businesses are monitored to assess their compliance with pre-defined performance criteria.

Your business must be capable of delivering the requirements of the contract. You should be aware that contract conditions will be strictly applied especially with regard to quality and general performance. The Council is continuously striving to improve its own performance and it expects its contractors to do the same. By the same token, the Council will look seriously at the position of any contractor that fails to perform to the levels required.

You will be asked to comment on any adverse performance that is reported.

Examples of adverse performance would include areas such as: poor quality of work, poor site supervision, poor adherence to work programme, poor control of sub-contractors, or poor health and safety practices.

Contract Variations

From time to time contract variations might be needed. The Council will always request variations in writing, except in an emergency where instructions may be made verbally but will be confirmed in writing.

Post Contract Evaluation

General performance of a contract is monitored and recorded for future reference. These records are completed by the project's supervising officer.