Chatter Benches

While out on your daily stroll or dog walk around your local park you might spot our 'Take Time To Talk Chatter Benches'.

These are designed to start conversations and get us talking to each other. They are also a small step towards combating loneliness and isolation.

The idea is simple; by sitting on the bench, people will know you are happy if they sit down next to you for a friendly chat. It doesn’t matter who you are, nor your age, our 'Chatter Benches' are there for everyone. You never know, you might just brighten someone’s day.

The initiative is being launched in four East Herts parks:

  1. Castle Park
  2. Pishiobury Park
  3. Southern Country Park
  4. Hartham Common

The introduction of the benches form part of the Parks and Open Space Strategy to promote activity in our parks and open spaces which support health and well-being across East Herts that will be launched at the end of May 2022.

For further information and support you can also visit: