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Main Modifications Consultation

Main Modifications have been identified as necessary to make the East Herts District Plan 'sound'. The changes proposed to the Plan evolved throughout the examination process, before, during and after the Hearing Sessions. The modifications propose to amend the Pre-Submission version of the East Herts District Plan.

The Council is running a 6-week consultation on the main modifications between the 15th February and 29th March, 2018

To comment on the Main Modifications please visit the consultation portal at: Consultation Portal

The Consultation Documents can be viewed below:

The Council has also undertaken a Main Modifications Habitats Regulations Assessment, which can be viewed by clicking this link:  Main Modifications Habitats Regulations Assessment [1Mb]

To assist with the consultation the Council has produced: a Consultation Portal Guidance Note [364kb], Statement of Availability [107kb] and Statement of Representations Procedure [115kb]. In addition if you do not wish to use the Consultation Portal to submit your comments you may fill in a comment form [1Mb] and email this to: or post to: Planning Policy Team, East Herts Council, Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford, Herts, SG13 8EQ.

Outside of the scope of this consultation the Council has identified some minor changes to the plan and policies map. However, as these do not affect the soundness of the plan and are not matters considered by the Inspector, they are not subject to consultation. The schedule of minor changes can be viewed by clicking this link:  Minor Changes [659kb]

In order to understand the proposed changes in context, the District Plan chapters incorporating both the main modifications and minor changes can be viewed below. For ease of reference the main modifications have any deleted text struck through with new text shown in red, and minor changes have both deleted and new text shown in green.  

Chapter 1 - Introduction [166kb]

Chapter 2 - Vision and Strategic Objectives [192kb]

Chapter 3 - The Development Strategy [343kb]

Chapter 4 - Green Belt and Rural Area Beyond the Green Belt [174kb]

Chapter 5 - Bishop's Stortford [792kb]

Chapter 6 - Buntingford [325kb]

Chapter 7 - Hertford [494kb]

Chapter 8 - Sawbridgeworth [446kb]

Chapter 9 - Ware [342kb]

Chapter 10 - Villages [243kb]

Chapter 11 - The Gilston Area [255kb]

Chapter 12 - East of Stevenage [340kb]

Chapter 13 - East of Welwyn Garden City [677kb]

Chapter 14 - Housing [300kb]

Chapter 15 - Economic Development [238kb]

Chapter 16 - Retail and Town Centres [196kb]

Chapter 17 - Design and Landscape [216kb]

Chapter 18 - Transport [176kb]

Chapter 19 - Community Facilities, Leisure and Recreation [314kb]

Chapter 20 - Natural Environment [221kb]

Chapter 21 - Heritage Assets [290kb]

Chapter 22 - Climate Change [197kb]

Chapter 23: Water [208kb]

Chapter 24: Environmental Quality [190kb]

Chapter 25: Delivery and Monitoring [114kb]

Appendices [267kb]