Duty to Co-operate

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that public bodies, including local planning authorities, have a duty to co-operate on planning issues that cross administrative boundaries.

Duty to Co-operate Meetings

As part of the Council's ongoing commitment to meet the requirements of the NPPF and to engage constructively with a range of bodies at the formative stages of Plan-making, a number of meetings with neighbouring local planning authorities have taken place. These meetings have been at Member level, with the Leader of the Council representing East Herts Council, accompanied by Officers.

The minutes of these minutes can be found below:

Local Planning Authority Meeting Notes/Minutes
Co-operation for Sustainable Development Board

9 October 2017 [347KB]

18 September 2017 [134KB]

31 July 2017 [208KB]

26 June 2017 [230KB]

22 May 2017 [202KB]

24 April 2017 [237KB]

20 March 2017 [270KB]

27 February 2017 [219KB]

23 January 2017 [228KB]

19 December 2016 [257KB]

12 September 2016 [125KB]

18 July 2016 [3MB]

6 June 2016 [385KB]

19 April 2016 [403KB]

7 March 2016 [350KB]

4 December 2015 [296KB]

26 October 2015 [299KB]

22 September 2015 [329KB]

3 June 2015 [150KB]

16 March 2015 [13KB]

27 January 2015 [16KB]

Garden Town Member Board

9 October 2017 [143KB]

18 September 2017 [166KB]

Broxbourne Borough Council

12 January 2016 [144KB]

29 January 2015 [138KB]

29 November 2013 [21KB]

Epping Forest District Council

21 October 2013 [20KB]

Harlow Council

2 October 2014 [198KB]

23 September 2013 [17KB]

North Hertfordshire District Council

21 July 2015 [76KB]

24 April 2013 [17KB]

Stevenage Borough Council

10 November 2015 [115KB]

24 March 2015 [133KB]

24 February 2014 [163KB]

30 June 2013 [15KB]

Uttlesford District Council

22 April 2015 [126KB]

28 October 2013 [16KB]

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

16 March 2015 [126KB]

17 July 2014 [127KB]

4 December 2012 [24KB]

30 November 2012 [33KB]

Memoranda of Understanding and Statements of Common Ground

Memoranda of Understanding and Statements of Common Ground have been prepared in relation to particular matters or specific sites, which set out how parties will work together. MoUs are used where there is a need for ongoing technical work or to address strategic or cross-boundary matters. The following MoUs have been signed:

Organisations Document
Broxbourne Borough Council

MoU- October 2017 [668KB]

Co-op for Sustainable Development Board

Distribution of Objectively Assessed Housing Need across the West Essex/East Hertfordshire Housing Market Area- March 2017 [6MB]

Highways and Transportation Infrastructure MoU- February 2017 [3MB]

Managing the Impact of Growth within the West Essex/East Hertfordshire Housing Market Area on Epping Forest Special Area of Conservation- February 2017 [2MB]

Memorandum of Understanding The Distribution of Objectively Assessed Employment Need across the West Essex-East Hertfordshire Functional Economic Market Area (June 2018) [2MB]

Hertfordshire County Council Property (Development Services)

MoU- September 2017 [1MB]

Hertfordshire County Council and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

MoU relating to Birchall Garden Suburb- March 2017 [1MB]

Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Planning Partnership

MoU- January 2015 [97KB]

North Hertfordshire District Council

MoU- September 2017 [188KB]
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

MoU- May 2017 [356KB]

The following Statements of Common Ground (other than with site promoters) have been signed:

Organisations Document
Hertfordshire County Council

Transport Statement of Common Ground- March 2017 [608KB]

Hertfordshire County Council, Historic England and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Statement of Common Ground relating to Birchall Garden Suburb [2MB]
Historic England

Statement of Common Ground- October 2017 [1MB]