Resident Parking Permit Frequently Answered Questions

Please use this page to answer any questions you may have regarding the new online account

Q. How do I buy my permit?

A. You can now purchase your resident permit through our new online permit system. You will need to initially set up your own account before making any applications. Once registered, you can use this account to manage your resident permit(s) and visitor vouchers.

Q. Do I need to display a resident permit?

A. East Herts Council now use an online permit system, which means you will no longer need to display a paper permit in your vehicle, instead the Enforcement Officers will carry out a check by using the vehicle registration. 

Please note a resident or visitor permit does not guarantee you a space to park in your street, however it does allow your vehicle to park within the allotted parking area of the zone, but not on any yellow lines, footways or verges.

Q. But what about my current paper resident permit?

A. Please continue to use and display until its expiry date, there is no need to replace it until the permit has expired. You will receive a letter in the post with a link to the website before your paper version expires which will detail how to set up and manage your online permit.

Q. How do I renew on the online system? 

A. As a first time user of the new system, you will not be able to renew your existing permit. Instead you will need to apply for a brand new permit once you have set up an account, including uploading supporting evidence. In following years, you will be emailed a reminder a month before your permit expires and will be able to renew as usual.

Q. What if I am unable to use the online system?

A. Please speak to our contact centre on 01279 655261 who will log a call for someone to contact you

Q. What documents do I need to apply for a resident permit?

A. For a resident parking permit you will still need to supply proof of residence, as well as required proof of the vehicle being associated with the property. Full details are listed during the application process on the online permit system.

Q.  How do I upload my proof/evidence onto the new system?

A. You can either scan the documents, or you can photograph each document separately using a smart phone and upload these photos.

If you are not able to do either of these you can bring your documents in to the Council reception and they will scan them for you.

Q.  But I've supplied my proofs when I first applied for my permit...

A. We will now request all applicants (online or non-online) supply fresh copies of the required proofs every year to ensure we have the correct details and confirm ongoing eligibility.

Q. Do I need to wait for a phone call to process payment?

A. No not anymore - the new online permit system also includes the payment process, meaning you don't have to wait for us to call you to process payment.

Q. Are my details secure?

A. Yes the system is secure via an encrypted server as shown on the website address bar by a padlock symbol.

Q. I am disabled and a blue badge holder - do I still get a discount on my resident permit?

A. Yes, the discount is applied during the application stage - you will need to upload a copy of your badge. The first permit will be free for those residents who hold a valid disabled blue badge.

Q. What about visitor vouchers?

A. The paperless versions are now available to purchase through our online permit system. Once you have provided proof of residence, and purchased vouchers through the system; each time you wish to use one, just login and link it to the visitor's vehicle and day required.

Q. Do I need to display a visitor voucher?

A.  If you are using the new online visitor vouchers, once you have linked it to the visitor's vehicle and day in question, all details will show on the Enforcement Officer's handheld devices meaning nothing is needed to place inside the vehicle. Please note: The Civil Enforcement Officer will input the registration numbers into their handheld computer to see if a voucher is valid so it is important that you input the correct registration number. Paper vouchers will still need to be displayed clearly in the vehicle

Q. Can I still use my paper visitor vouchers?

A. Yes, they do not have an expiry date.

Q. What about the professional carers who come to attend to me on a regular basis. How will this affect them?

If you are a professional carer you may be able to apply for a ‘carers permit’. For further details of price and eligibility, please email, providing details of your company, the address that the carer will be attending and details of the vehicle

Q. How do I cater for trades persons who come to my house?

A. Residents can either purchase weekly contractor permits online using the registration number of the relevant contractor vehicle or use visitor vouchers (either the existing paper vouchers or the new online version) for visiting trade vehicles in a permit zone. 

Q. My car is in for repairs and I have a courtesy/hire vehicle - what do I do?

A. Please email providing your permit number, your name and the courtesy vehicle registration.  Please state the date you require the dispensation to start from and days/or week you will need the dispensation.  Please note the email is monitored Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.00pm.

Q. How do I change my contact details?

A. Once you are registered to the new online permit system it can be done via your account.