Abandoned Vehicle Form

When reporting a vehicle to the council, please include the following details:
  • vehicle's location (road name / outside of number... / adjacent to etc)
  • vehicle registration number. If registration not visible please give as many identifiable features as possible
  • make and model of the vehicle
  • colour of the vehicle
  • how long the vehicle has been there (it must not have moved and returned)
  • any other relevant information, for example have you advised the police etc.

Once we receive your report, we will investigate the vehicle and try to trace the owner. Please note your report may not always lead to the vehicle being removed.

Please note, we can only act on vehicles that are not currently taxed, unless they are in a dangerous condition, for example burnt out. Please first check on the DVLA website.

If you consider the vehicle to be parked in a dangerous position, this will be the responsibility of the Police.

Please complete our online form to report an abandoned vehicle.