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Resident Parking Permits

New Residents Parking Permit Applications

East Herts Council manage a number of resident permit parking schemes within certain areas of the district to ensure local residents have the opportunity to park within close proximity to their household. A residents permit will be valid for 12 months and after this time, we will write to you to see if you would like to renew your permit which is the same as the price as new applications.

Residents will have the opportunity to purchase up to two permits per household and this is strictly for the vehicle(s) detailed in the application.  A permit will cost £40.  The second permit will cost £80.  Motorcycles receive a discounted rate of £19.

You will need to provide documentary evidence proving that the vehicle is registered at the address as well as proof of residence.

For more information and to make an application for a NEW residents parking permit, please choose the area you are interested in from the following list

Residents Parking Permits in Bishops Stortford

Residents Parking Permits in Hertford

Residents Parking Permits in Ware

Renew your Resident's Parking Permit

When your residents permit is up for renewal, you will be written to and provided with a unique PIN code which will enable you to renew.  The easiest way to renew a residents parking permit is to apply here

Apply for a Visitor's Parking Permit

To apply for Visitor's Parking Permits, please complete our application form. You can either apply in person at our offices in Hertford or Bishop's Stortford or by post.

Parking Permit Refunds

To apply for a Parking Permit refund, please complete our application form. You can either apply in person at our offices in Hertford or Bishop's Stortford or by post.

Permit Policy Framework & Operational Guidance

All future requests for a resident permit parking scheme will be assessed against a policy framework before being considered.