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Learn more about the local partners we work with, within the Healthy Hub East Herts.

Community Alliance Broxbourne and East Herts
Job Smart
Community Learning 

Building Better Opportunities (BBO)

What they do:

  • Community Alliance Broxbourne and East Herts provides a diverse range of services to develop, enhance and empower voluntary and community groups to effectively serve their communities across Broxbourne and East Herts.
  • For those who are new to the ‘Voluntary Sector’ or simply want to find out about groups working locally, Community Alliance Broxbourne and East Herts is a first point of contact.
  • We can provide advice and support on funding and governance to local groups and organisations.
  • Community Alliance Broxbourne and East Herts can help new and existing groups to meet local changing needs through planning and other organisational matters.
  • For individuals, Community Alliance Broxbourne and East Herts can help develop personal and professional skills through signposting, volunteer recruitment and providing free and affordable training courses.

Herts Mind Network website

What they do:

  • We will not give up until everyone experiencing mental ill health gets support, to help them on their road to recovery
  • As a client led organisation, the views and needs of clients and those who care for them are always listened to and considered in our service development. We aim to create an environment of opportunity, where you can realise self-development and personal growth
  • We are the largest ‘open access’ provider of mental health services in Hertfordshire
  • We recognise that recovery means different things to different people. Therefore, we work in collaboration with each individual person, to promote and support this by developing a personalised approach, so that your needs are realistically met.

Southern Maltings website
What's on at the Southern Maltings

What they do:

  • The Southern Maltings is an artistic space dedicated to providing creative experiences that will enhance the health and well-being of the local and wider community. 
  • Through the provision of opportunities to learn, practice and experience creativity, we enable people of all ages and abilities to explore, experience and enjoy both their own and others’ artistic endeavours.
  • Giving the whole community a space to use, whether it’s to meet new people and form new friendships or learn new skills.

The Secret Space website
Class timetable

What they do:

  • Our charitable aim is to provide a programme of volunteer and training opportunities to assist people who are stepping forward in their recovery from addiction, those living with Mental Health challenges, survivors of domestic violence, and carers.
  • We provide a friendly and welcoming space for everyone, offering Yoga and Meditation, Pilates and Holistic Therapies to the community.
  • Our mission is to help people live full and empowered lives, underpinned by a sense of wellbeing and community purpose.
  • We offer several inclusive classes where people with additional needs (this could be a disability, illness, injury etc.) are very welcome. The teachers are skilled at adapting the practices for people with different needs. Please contact us before attending a class to ensure that we can meet your needs:

Women of Grace website

Women of Grace is a UK-based survivor led organisation.  We advocate against the practice of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) and all forms of Gender-Based Violence, educating about their lasting consequences and harms. Our grassroots organisation engages with the community through workshops, talks, and activities to raise awareness and provide support services for those affected by FGM/C and abuse. We have no restrictions when it comes to supporting women and girls dealing with trauma from FGM and are committed to empowering them to recognize signs of abuse and where to get help to protect them from harm, regardless of their background, religion, or race.

Mind in Mid Herts website
Support in Hertford
Training and Workshops

What they do:

  • Mental Health Recovery based service – wellbeing groups - wellbeing and nutrition, wellbeing and exercise
  • Prevent relapse and people needing further medical intervention for their mental health problem
  • Prevent people from becoming ill and needing medical intervention, through psycho education courses etc.
  • Social support for people recovering from mental health issues and to support those with long term conditions becoming socially isolated and lonely offering social support groups, art, crafts, music etc.

Courtyard Arts website
Book online Arts classes

What they do:

  • At Courtyard we believe art is for everyone. Founded by a group of passionate, local artists it has become Hertford’s leading visual arts centre, and 25 years on we strive to inspire and educate.
  • Our aim is to provide a launch pad for all members of the community to achieve their artistic potential, we deliver a broad range of art classes for ages 2 to 102! 
  • Participation in the arts has proven to have widespread mental health and overall health benefits. Growing social bonds and learning new creative skills helps to reduce stress and depression and increases overall wellbeing and confidence.
  • Volunteers help keep our doors open and form a valuable part of our community events and day-to-day operations.

The Centre of Wellbeing website

At The Centre of Wellbeing, we co-create safe and welcoming spaces where we can connect together and be ourselves.

We have a Sawbridgeworth hub as well as local community spaces.  We visit all over the UK as required and our radio station is internet-based so we can reach a global community!

The Centre of Wellbeing provides the following:

Lifestyle Medicine Centre website

Lifestyle medicine is borne out of evidence suggesting that what we do on a daily basis has a profound effect on our health and well-being. Our client centered approach concentrates on those modifiable behaviours that can lead to chronic disease.

If you need some support and are ready to make some changes then call us to discuss how you can make the first steps towards better health now and in the future, we are here to help.

Lifestyle Medicine Centre provides the following:

  • Physical Activity programmes
  • Nutritional information and support
  • Education
  • Social support


The Nest CIC website

The Nest CIC offers nature based therapies and free to access weekly ‘Talking Circles’ on 2 nights of the week currently. The Nest is currently working with a local farm owner to develop a farm diversification project that will deliver a multitude of green social prescribing activities by working closely with the National Academy of Social Prescribing, local GP surgeries and primary care services. The Nest CIC was recently awarded a Public Health Award by Hertfordshire County Council for the voluntary support it offered thousands of local residents throughout the Covid pandemic.

Women’s Traditional Community Talking Circle
Every Wednesday @ The Nest, Wareside
Starts: 7:30pm Finishes: 9:30pm / Free2Attend
For more info call Kimmie: 07525 719 993

Mens Traditional Community Talking Circle
Every Thursday @ The Nest, Wareside
Starts: 7:30pm Finishes: 9:30pm / Free2Attend
For more info call River: 07525 719 993

Citizens Advice website

  • Citizens Advice East Herts is an independent local charity that provide free impartial advice on range of issues to people in East Herts
  • Most common advice issues are benefits (including Universal Credit and tax credits) debt, housing, employment and relationships
  • We give advice by telephone, video, email, webchat and Facebook Messenger. We can also see people face to face if needed. Our website contains lots of useful information and signposting. 
  • Volunteer model means our services are locally delivered by and for the community

Age Concern website
Support and Services
Social Prescribing

What they do:
We have a vision of an inclusive society in which older people live well in a joyful and fun environment. A positive society where people enjoy a full range of activities, have strong relationships with people in their communities and to access choice-based activities which support their health and wellbeing.


  • Social: To reduce isolation for members within our older community and promote awareness of social isolation to our wider community.
  • Health: To provide an environment in which enjoyment through choice-based activities, that promote positive physical and mental well-being, can be accessed, and achieved by members of our older community.
  • Education: To provide services that support and educate for positive change to encourage users to become their 'best' self.

Mudlarks Community website
Get Involved

What they do:

  • Promote health and wellbeing through social & therapeutic horticulture, training and work opportunities to people with learning disabilities and mental health concerns.
  • To provide facilities in Hertfordshire including horticultural sites and a working café for use by vulnerable people.
  • To develop social and work related skills of people with learning disabilities and mental health concerns through the provision of therapy, training, meaningful work experience and employment opportunities to help integrate people into their community.
  • To raise awareness of learning disabilities and mental health concerns and help integrate people with learning disabilities into their community through our community- based projects, as well as providing opportunities for local schools and colleges to access our facilities.

Future Living Hertford website
Support and Services

What they do:

  • Future Living provides therapeutic care and complementary therapies to clients in recovery from domestic abuse and addiction.
  • As a health and wellbeing centre it engages with a range of practical and holistic programmes to support clients back into life.
  • If offers a range of training and volunteering opportunities to clients enabling them to become independent again
  • It enables clients to reconnect with their community and feel supported through our community café.

St. Clare's Hospice website

What they do:

  • To support and provide End of Life Care to West Essex and East Herts.
  • We are working to identify additional ways to support local people around death dying and loss.
  • To challenge our communities to discuss death and dying and hospice services.
  • To break stigmas attached to access to Hospice Care.

Bereavement Cafe

Carers in Hertfordshire website

What they do:

  • To provide information advice and support to any unpaid family or friend carer To give carers a collective voice when working with services. 
  • To provide services that support carers in their role and help them to carry on caring.
  • To raise awareness or the needs of carers, and the issues they face, with services and the general public.

Active East Herts website
Active East Herts - What's on

What they do:

  • Facilitate as many opportunities for as many people to be active as possible.
  • Support local sports clubs through annual club forums with expert speakers.
  • Support local instructors through an annual coaching bursary to provide upskilling opportunities.

Red Kite Support website
Support and Services

What they do:

  • To provide a helpline service to those who have experienced rape or sexual abuse.
  • To listen, empathise and validate callers to the helpline and provide advice and guidance where appropriate.
  • To provide onward referrals to victims and survivors of rape and abuse.
  • To provide counselling to those who have experienced rape and sexual abuse and need therapy.

Isabel Hospice website

Isabel Hospice is a local charity caring for hundreds of people across eastern Hertfordshire each year.

Our vision is Outstanding Palliative Care for All.

We support patients and their families who are living with life-limiting illnesses and conditions, including cancer, heart failure or respiratory illness, and neurological conditions such as motor neurone disease. We help people to live pain- and symptom-free so they can make the most of the time they have left.

Herts Musical Memories website

Herts Musical Memories delivers singing sessions for people living with dementia and their carers.

Attending a singing session is a fun and stimulating activity, providing health benefits for both those living with dementia and their carers. With regular attendance group singing can improve sociability, increase self-confidence, and decrease anxiety. For those with memory problems, singing familiar songs helps connect them to their memories.