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Noise Nuisance Diary

This pack is designed to help you and your case officer identify what action the Council can take to investigate the issue you have reported.

The most important enclosures in the nuisance help pack are the diary sheets. These help us to assess the level of nuisance. It is therefore essential that any diary record is factual and accurate. An example is provided at the bottom of the page to assist you in producing the most effective evidence. Completed sheets should be returned to us within a period of approximately two weeks.

There may be occasions when you would prefer to take your own action to resolve a nuisance issue or East Herts Council may not be able to act with the urgency you desire. In such situation individuals or groups are entitled to bring there own action under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Instructions for completing nuisance diary record.

Please read these instructions thoroughly before completing diary sheets

  1. Remember that, as the record may have to be presented in evidence, it must be a statement of fact and be clearly understandable.
  2. Each adult person affected should keep a separate record of the events as they affect them (although a parent may record the effect upon their children) and each page must be completed in full.
  3. Expanding on the column headings:-
    • (a) Date - this is self-explanatory, except that, if the nuisance commenced before and ceased after midnight, both dates should be entered and bracketed together.
    • (b) Time - record the time the nuisance started and when it ceased and bracket the two times together, e.g 10.15 am to 10.55 am.
    • (c) Description - try to be specific. What exactly was the nuisance? e.g machinery noise, radio playing, TV, Barking Dog, etc.
    • (d) Effect - it is this column that will be the most valuable in convincing the Magistrates that you are being subjected to a statutory nuisance. It is used to record what you had to do to overcome the nuisance or what the nuisance prevented you from doing or what effect it had on each individual affected, eg could not sleep, awoke children, closed the windows, left the house etc.
  4. Please ensure all Diary Sheets are signed, dated and witnessed before being returned. Return to East Herts Environmental Health, Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford SG13 8EQ.