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Date of Designation RequestBody Submitting RequestDesignation AgreedPre-Submission Consultation (Reg 14)Submission to East Herts (Reg 16)6 week Consultation (Reg 16)ExaminationReferendumAdoption
2 February 2014Standon Parish Council8 June 2015October - December 201630 November 201711 January 2018 - 22 February 2018May 201925th July 2019 

Current Stage - Referendum

On the 4th June 2019, East Herts Council confirmed that the Standon Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan met the basic conditions and could proceed to a referendum. This referendum is to take place on the 25th July 2019. The question that will be asked in the referendum is: 

        "Do you want East Hertfordshire District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Standon Parish to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"           

More information on the Referendum and how to vote is contained in the Referendum Information Statement alongside the Neighbourhood Plan itself, the Examiners Report and other referendum documents in the table below:

Referendum Information Statement [882KB]
Examiners Report - Standon [612KB]
Standon Decision Statement [24KB]
Standon Neighbourhood Plan [2MB]
Summary of Consultation Responses [280KB]
General Information Statement [147KB]

Independent Examination

Ann Skippers MRTPI has been appointed to undertake the independent examination of the Standon Neighbourhood Plan. All correspondence between the examiner and East Herts District Council will be published below.

Examination CorrespondenceDate
The Standon Parish Neighbourhood Plan Examination has now concluded. The Final Examination Report can be viewed here: Examination Report - Standon Neighbourhood Plan [612KB] 2nd May 2019

Joint Response to Examiner's questions of clarification by the Parish and District Council Response to Examiner's Questions by Parish and District Councils [1MB]

Document A [171KB] - Consultation Bodies 

Document B [99KB] - Summary of Issues and Responses

Document C [311KB] - Further PC Responses to Matters Raised

8th March 2019
Examiner's initial questions of clarification to East Herts Council and Standon Parish Council: Initial Questions [281KB] 25th February 2019
East Herts Council Response to Examiner: Basic Condition Response [34KB] 16th January 2019
Examination correspondence from Examiner: New basic condition added to the Conservation of Habitats and Species and Planning (Various Amendments) (England and Wales) Regulations 2018 which came into force on 28 December 2018. New Basic Condition [73KB] 4th January 2019

East Herts Council's response to the Examiner's question on Habitats Case Law Update:  Council's Response Letter 21_12_2018 [37KB]

Background Documents:  Standon Neighbourhood Plan SEA_HRA Screening Report [197KB] Habitats Regulations Assessment 2016 [3MB]

21st December 2018
21 Day Consultation

To consider the change in circumstance following the adoption of the East Herts District Plan. Any representations should focus upon the implications that arise from the adoption of the District Plan and not on other matters. Those comments made at submission (Regulation 16) stage will be rolled forward and there is no need to re-submit previous representations.

Please send any comments to: or to Planning Policy, East Herts Council, Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8EQ

Tuesday 6th November 2018 - Tuesday 27th November 2018 (5pm)

Examination Note 1 [60KB]

2018 NPPF Information Note [36KB]

Local Plan Note [35KB]

Habitats Case Law Update [45KB]

27 August 2018

6 Week Public Consultation (Reg. 16)

Standon Parish Council submitted their Neighbourhood Plan to East Herts Council on 30th November 2017.  A 6 week public consultation commenced between 11th January 2018 and 22nd February 2018.

The consultation documents can be viewed below:

Pre-Submission Consultation (Reg 14)

Standon Parish Council consulted on their Draft Neighbourhood Plan between Wednesday 26th October and Tuesday 13th December, 2016. The Parish Council are now in the process of collating the responses received and amending their Plan as result of any issues raised through the consultation. The Plan will then be submitted to East Herts Council. 

The Regulation 14 Consultation Draft Version can be viewed here: Standon Neighbourhood Plan [2MB]

Neighbourhood Area Designation

The Standon Parish was declared a Neighbourhood Area on the 8th June 2015. The designation request and map defining the area can be viewed below:

Designation Request [262KB]

Map [1MB]


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