Types of election

There are several types of elections. This page aims to provide more information
Local elections

In a local election you're voting to elect local councillors who will represent your views for the electoral areas in which you live.

  • District Council elections are scheduled elections and take place every 4 years-the last elections took place on the 2 May 2019. To find your local councillor, please use the Find your local councillor page
  • County Council elections are scheduled elections and take place every 4 years - the last election took place on the 6 May 2021. View the results on our Local Elections page. For further information on County Councillors and Elections, please see Hertfordshire County Council elections pages
  • Parish and Town Councils are scheduled elections and take place every 4 years at the same time as the district council elections - the last elections took place on 4 May 2023. To see the results for those parishes with contested elections, view our Local Elections Parish 2023 Results. For further information, please see our Parish and Town Councils page.
Police and Crime Commissioners elections

In a Police and Crime Commissioners election you're voting for a Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire. They're responsible for holding the Chief Constable to account and:

  • producing a police and crime plan which sets out local priorities
  • setting the local policing budget and decide how money will be spent
  • appointing and removing Chief Constables

Scheduled elections are every 4 years - the the next PCC election is due to take place on 2 May 2024 - Find out more

UK Parliament (general) elections

In a UK Parliament (general) election you're voting for somebody to represent you in Parliament, as a Member of Parliament (MP), in a parliamentary constituency. The latest results for Hertford & Stortford can be found on our General Election Results - Hertford & Stortford Constituency 12 December 2019 page. Other parts of East Herts fall within the North East Hertfordshire or Stevenage constituencies, which are managed by neighbouring local authorities. The results for these constituencies can be found on the North Herts website or Stevenage Council website respectively. To contact your Local MP, please see either the MP for Hertford & Stortford or the MP for North & East Hertfordshire or MP for Stevenage.


In a referendum you're voting on a single question such as the EU Referendum in 2016, results for this can be viewed on our Previous Years Results page, or the 2021 Neighbourhood referendums, results for this can be viewed on our Local elections results page.