Section 106 Agreements & Funding for Projects

A Section 106 (Sec106) is a legal agreement made under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, signed by the Council and developers that sets out what financial contributions will be paid and what additional, non-financial obligations are required as part of a planning consent for a development.

These agreements, and the contribution obligations within them, are used to support the provision of services and infrastructure, including highways, recreational facilities, education, health and affordable housing.

The Planning Obligations SPD provides information on the current Sec106 contribution requirements in East Herts.

Sec106 funding allocation

East Herts Council is also the accountable body for the spending of received Sec106 financial contributions and therefore must ensure that:

  • The Sec106 funding is spent on facilities / projects that can be demonstrated to be required because of the new development or need in the locality of the development.
  • The process is transparent and fair to all and follows a consistent procedure.
  • Projects supported are necessary, viable, will deliver the required social and community benefits, and will be well managed and sustainable

How to apply for Sec106 funding for your project:

If you have a project in mind please complete the Expressions of Interest form to let us know who you are, what you have planned and how much you need for your project.  We will then check to see if we have any Sec106 funds available that you fit with your project.  If there are funds available, we will ask you to complete a full application form so we can check against the identified planning application reference and Sec106 contribution wording. Officers and Councillors will then evaluate the completed funding application before it is agreed and signed off. Don’t be put off if we can’t find a Sec106 contribution to fund your current project as we are always working with our Planning Team to identify potential projects for future Sec106 Agreements.

Bishop’s Stortford North Sports Development Fund

We are currently working on a new funding scheme to allocate the Sec106 contributions from the Bishop’s Stortford North housing developments. This fund will support sports projects to increase the health and wellbeing of residents – further information will soon be available on how you can apply for funding for sports clubs and activities

Enquiries about Sec106 Agreements

If you are moving, and a property search identifies that your home was subject to a Sec106 Agreement, we make a charge of £87 for an official letter of confirmation of the satisfaction of the Sec106 Agreement financial contribution obligations. To enquire about the status of a Sec106 Agreement fill in the form below

Red asterisk denotes a required answer.

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For the purposes of current data protection laws the information you supply the Council as part of your application will be used for the purposes of dealing with your request and retained as per our published corporate data protection privacy policy which can be found on the East Herts District Council Data Protection page (this link opens in a new window).

From time to time this information may be shared with other Council departments and / or outside partners to process your request as effectively as possible. Please confirm you have read the above privacy notice