Bishop's Stortford Neighbourhood Plan Review for Silverleys and Meads (1st Revision)

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council is undertaking a limited revision of the existing Neighbourhood Plan (adopted in 2015) to bring the policies up to date.

The principal changes are:

  • New sections on Climate Change and the Town Centre
  • Extensive revisions to the sections on Green Infrastructure and Transport
  • Updates to the site-specific policies
  • Lesser revisions to other sections of the plan including changes so that policies (except site-specific policies) are the same for the whole town

See details of the existing Neighbourhood Plan (adopted in 2015)

Current Stage - Independent Examination

Christopher Lockhart-Mummery QC has been appointed to undertake the independent examination of the Silverleys and Meads Neighbourhood Plan Review. Correspondence between the examiner and East Herts Council will be published below.

Independent Examination documents and dates
Examination document Date

In accordance with Schedule A2 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, the Examiner has published an initial statement to consider the nature of the modifications to the plan:

1 April 2022
The Examiner has asked Bishop’s Stortford Town Council and East Herts Council some questions. The Councils have responded and the Examiner has determined that the examination does not require a hearing. This correspondence is set out below:
•    The Examiner questions and correspondence with EHC and Bishop’s Stortford
20 April 2022

The Silverleys and Meads Neighbourhood Plan Modification Examination has now concluded:

16 May 2022













Public Consultation (Reg16)

On the 1 November 2021 Bishop’s Stortford Town Council submitted the Bishop’s Stortford Neighbourhood Plan Review for Silverleys and Meads to East Herts District Council under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

A consultation took place for a period of 8 weeks from the 29 November 2021 – 24 January 2022.

Representations received can be viewed in the Regulation 16 Consultation Responses document [926KB pdf]. These have been forwarded to the examiner, who will decide if the proposed modifications change the nature of the plan and assess the plan proposal and supporting documents against the basic conditions. These basic conditions are:

  • having regard to national policies and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State, it is appropriate to make the neighbourhood development plan;
  • the making of the neighbourhood development plan contributes to the achievement of sustainable development;
  • the making of the neighbourhood development plan is in general conformity with the strategic policies contained in the development plan for the area of the authority (or any part of that area);
  • the making of the neighbourhood development plan does not breach, and is otherwise compatible with, EU obligations, and
  • prescribed conditions are met in relation to the neighbourhood development plan and prescribed matters have been complied with in connection with the proposal for the neighbourhood development plan.

The submission documents can be viewed below. Should you require an alternative way of inspecting these documents, please call us on 01279 655261.

To view other background information please follow the link to the Evidence Base.

Please note that as this Neighbourhood Plan is a modification of the existing Silverleys and Meads Neighbourhood Plan, the Town Council is required by national guidance to set out in the Statement of Changes if they consider the update is minor, material or substantial. In accordance with Regulation 17 of the Neighbourhood Planning regulations, East Herts Council have submitted a statement to the examiner about the nature of the modifications. It will be the examiner who makes the final decision as to whether the modifications will require a referendum. 

Pre-Submission Consultation (Reg 14)

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council consulted on their Draft Neighbourhood Plan Review between 8th February 2021 and 20th April 2021. 

The Regulation 14 Consultation Draft Version can be viewed on the Bishop’s Stortford Town Council’s website