Taxi Complaints

If as a passenger you wish to complain about a taxi then please try to record the drivers badge number and/or plate number. You can then address the matter directly with the driver or contact their operator. Often this can bring a swift resolution to issues.

If you feel that you have been overcharged for a journey in a Hackney Carriage, from a taxi rank or stopped in the street, then ask the driver for a receipt. They should be using the meter and there is a legal obligation on drivers to provide receipts. This will help us to calculate if you have been overcharged but please note that the rate charged varies. Each vehicle should be carrying a tariff card showing what is charged.

If you pre-book a journey then you should agree the price at the time of the booking

If this does not resolve the matter then you can complain using the Taxi Complaints & Feedback Form. Drivers are advised that if a passenger wishes to make a complaint that they should provide the badge and plate number if the matter cannot be resolved. Please as much information you can remember including time of day, start and finish point of the journey etc.