Useful Information in an Emergency

Hertfordshire is a safe place to live, but we need to accept that disasters will occasionally happen. When they do, many different agencies will be involved in the response as no single agency has all of the skills or resources needed.

It is crucial that these organisations have planned their response and that plans are co-ordinated to avoid confusion in the immediate aftermath of an incident.

East Herts Council has an important role to play in an emergency in the district/borough. We are committed to providing information and advice to our residents about any potential emergency.

Use these pages for advice and guidance with regard to potential emergencies, whether it is a major incident, severe weather or possible flu pandemic.

There is also advice here covering factors that you may not immediately think of - issues such as how you can prepare for emergencies, and recovering after an incident.

Emergency Contact Details

For serious incidents that require the police, fire service or an ambulance please call 999.

The emergency services have robust procedures to alert the district council should they require the Council to respond to the incident.

During a major incident the emergency information will be posted on our website and updated regularly.

For any other type of emergency please use the numbers below.

Office hours

During office hours please contact our Customer Services team on 01279 655261.

Out of hours

The following telephone numbers should only be used in an emergency:

  • For serious incidents that require the police, fire service or an ambulance please call 999.
  • Housing repairs including drainage matters, please contact your landlord.
  • Thames Water and public sewers please ring 0800 714 614.
  • Highways emergencies: If the highway fault poses an immediate threat to life or limb, please call the Police. Otherwise please report a fault on the road or pavement on the Hertfordshire County Council website.
  • Adult Care Services ring 0300 123 4042
  • Children Schools and Families ring 0300 123 4043
  • For Environmental Health emergencies such as a serious accident at work or noise affecting more than one household please telephone 01279 655261 outside normal office hours (Monday - Friday 08:30 - 17:00). To report a noise directly affecting a single household (which is not already being investigated by the Council) please telephone during office hours when we will be pleased to discuss the complaint with you. Alternatively you can email
  • In an emergency homeless situation, you should contact 01279 655261 and an answer phone message will direct you to the emergency out of hours service for housing assistance.

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