Power Cuts

Generally speaking, power cuts don't happen very often but if the electricity network faults or is damaged it's UK Power Networks job to get your lights back on quickly.

Report a power cut - phone 105

A new easy-to-remember telephone number - 105 - has been launched so people can report power cuts and electricity safety concerns.

The number, which is free of charge and can be used from most landlines and mobiles, connects callers to their local electricity distribution company. For people living in London and the south east, this is UK Power Networks. Customer services staff will deal with reports as well as provide information and advice relating to power cuts, welfare concerns caused by power cuts and safety issues around cables or substations.

If you're on the priority service register for extra support during a power cut, you should still use the number you've been given for that. The 105 number is not a substitute for 999/112 and you should still call emergency services if there is an immediate serious risk from a damaged electricity line or substation.

Priority Service Register for extra support

Need extra support during a power cut or know someone else (maybe a relative, neighbour, patient, or friend) that would need extra support during a power cut? You may be entitled to free extra support from UK Power Networks.

Who can sign up?

You need to live in London, the South East of England or the East of England.

You can check online using the UK Power Networks - postcode checker.

If you live in UK Power Networks area then the following can apply:

  • Customers who are dependent on medical equipment
  • Customers who are chronically ill
  • Customers with a disability
  • Customers who are visually impaired or blind
  • Customers who are hearing impaired or deaf
  • Elderly customers
  • A nursing or residential home
  • Customers with young babies in household
  • Other cases will be considered too so please get in touch

What support can you get?

This doesn't necessarily mean we can get your power back on more quickly but you will receive:

  • A priority phone number that you can call 24hours a day if you have a power cut
  • A welcome pack with useful advice about preparing for a power cut
  • Regular text message or phone updates during a power cut
  • Extra support from the British Red Cross to visit your home (if you agree)

How to apply

Who are UK Power Networks?

UK Power Networks own and maintain electricity cables and lines across London, the South East and East of England making sure your lights stay on. You don't pay your electricity bills to UK Power Networks. Your electricity supplier is the company you choose to buy your electricity from, and who you pay your bills to.