Electoral Boundary maps

Different electoral boundaries can be viewed from the links below

To view your ward and district boundaries and polling districts please use one of the following links.

Ordnance Survey provides detailing mapping for all parts of the country and you can zoom in the East Hertfordshire and pick from Boundaries - District and District Wards, pick Show Names and then you can zoom in using the + scale. If you wish to see parishes just pick Civil Parishes or Communities. If the Parish is warded such as in our five towns, use the District Ward boundaries as they are the same.

East Herts Council eGGP is the council's own online mapping tool which will allow you to see house name/number detail and also the boundaries for polling districts. Select map - PLANFLAT and apply map layer Polling Districts. You can then search to find by street or postcode. Please note this is a very detailed map and may take a while to load