Great Amwell & Stansteads Ward

Results of the local government elections on Thursday, 4 May 2023.


Name of Candidate Description (if any) Votes recorded
BOYLAN Peter Conservative Party Candidate 472 (elected)
DUMONT Joseph Charlie Liberal Democrats 553 (elected) 
HEIGHWAY John Labour Party 210
HOWLETT Joe Liberal Democrats 468
MOORE Stuart The Green Party 169
MOULE Peter John Conservative Party Candidate 397
WATTS Graham Labour Party 139

*if elected the word 'elected' appears against the number of votes


Rejected votes: 

Rejection reasons Number of ballot papers
Want of an official mark  0
Voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to 0
Writing or mark by which voter could be identified 7
Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 8
Rejected in part  0
Total number of rejected ballot papers  15







Ballot papers issued: 1306

Overall turnout: 29.37%