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Buntingford Community Area

Date of Designation RequestBody Submitting RequestDesignation AgreedPre-Submission Consultation (Reg 14)Submission to East Herts (Reg 16)6 week Consultation (Reg 16)ExaminationReferendumAdoption
2 February 2014Buntingford Town Council1 July 2014September - October 2015April 2016May - June 2016November 201623 March 2017May 2017

Current Stage- Adopted Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan has been formally 'adopted' and will be used as apart of the East Herts Development Plan.

The final version of the Plan can be viewed here Buntingford Community Area Neighbourhood Plan [6MB]

Referendum Result

On the 23rd March 2017, the Buntingford Community Area Neighbourhood Plan Referendum took place and has been voted on and approved by the residents of the Buntingford Community Area. With a turnout of 22.3% there was an overall 'yes' vote of 1,268 (94%).

All residents living within the Buntingford Community Area were entitled to vote in response to the question "Do you want East Hertfordshire District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for the Buntingford Community Area to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

Decision Statement

East Herts Council published a decision statement on the 7 February 2017 confirming that the Buntingford Community Area Neighbourhood Plan met the basic conditions and could proceed to referendum.

Decision Statement [150KB]


The full examination report can be viewed here: Examination Report [10MB]

Neighbourhood Area Designation

The Buntingford Community Area which includes the parishes of Aspenden, Buckland, Buntingford, Cottered, Hormead and Wyddial was declared a Neighbourhood Area on the 1st July 2014. The designation request and map defining the area are available below: 

Designation Request [3MB]

Map [261KB]