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Community Wellbeing & Partnerships

We support our residents in living a healthy lifestyle. This involves responsibility for looking after our own health as well as getting involved in range of health opportunities the Council and other partners may offer.

We can understand about the communities and the individuals who live there by using health data and information as well as issues raised by Councillors who represent different wards in the District.

Why is being healthy important for me and others?

Providing a basis for a life which optimises health and wellbeing and preventing the impact of poor health is something we can all contribute to. Helping to improve the quality of life through health and social influences and helping our home, park or workplace to promote healthy approaches and behaviours is important.

How does the Council promote Health and Partnerships?

East Herts Council has a Health and Wellbeing Strategy [5MB] which helps us focus on local health and wellbeing priorities. This gives opportunities for East Herts Council to work in partnership with other like-minded organisations.

Recognition for doing things well and learning from others

East Herts Council has been twice recognised for its leadership and partnership contribution to health and wellbeing through receiving the Nationally recognised Royal Society of Public Health awards in 2011 and 2014. The Council is always seeking to support and learn from those it works with to develop its own insight and keep progressing in its understanding of all matters related to healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.

Dementia Friendly East Herts Working group

East Herts Council has recently joined the Dementia Action Alliance with the aim to work in partnership to tackle the many challenges associated with living with Dementia.  For more information, please see the Dementia Action Group Website


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