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Political Structure

East Herts operates a 'Leader with Cabinet' decision-making system.

The Council's Constitution outlines the rules and processes by which this system works.  Most meetings are open to the public, and are listed in the Calendar of meetings.

Some meetings may also be broadcast live on the internet. 

All Councillors meet together as Council. It is the Council which determines the overall policies and budgets. 

The Council has established the Executive, which is responsible for most day to day decisions. There are a number of matters on which the Executive is not allowed, by law, to take decisions.  For example, decisions on planning applications cannot be taken by the Executive.

To balance the powers exercised by the Executive, the Council has established two Scrutiny Committees - Overview and Scrutiny and Performance, Audit and Governance. These bodies help support the work of the Council and its Executive and also scrutinise the decisions taken by the Executive.

The Council has also established regulatory committees. The  Development Management Committee deals with planning applications and planning enforcement matters.  The Licensing Committee deals with statutory provisions relating to liquor, taxi, gaming, entertainment, food and miscellaneous licensing and health and safety functions.

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