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Information Requests

How to request information from the Council, Freedom of Information requests and Data Protection.

About Freedom of Information Requests

Under the Freedom of Information Act anyone can request information held by the Council.

Previous Freedom of Information Requests (FOI Archive)

See this page for a log of previous years FOI requests. You are able to use the search function to find a particular subject

Make an FOI request

Application for information must be made in writing this could be a fax, email, letter or via our online form and may be subject to a charge depending upon the complexity of the request.

Tips for successful FOI Requests

To qualify under the Freedom of Information legislation (FOI) your request must be in writing and must specifically be for information on our records i.e. not knowledge, opinion or general advice.

Exemptions to FOI Requests

The two categories are absolute exemptions and qualified exemptions. The Council's Information Manager will consider all requests against the potential for exemption.

Combined FOI and EIR Statistics & Performance

Analysis of Combined FOIs and EIRs received by Month/Year.

Subject Access Requests

If you want to ask us for information which we may hold about you personally then this will be dealt with under the Data Protection Act 2018. This includes any information relating to you as a person whether as a customer, taxpayer, employee or partner of any kind.

Environmental Information Regulations

If you would like information about the environment, e.g. information about land development, pollution levels, energy production or waste management, you can make a request under Environmental Information Regulations.

Data Protection, Privacy and Fraud Prevention

East Herts Council regards the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as very important to its successful operations and to maintaining confidence between the council and those with whom it carries out business.

Information and Records Management

These policies and documents will be published on the Council's website as and when they are available.