Old River Lane Consultation Results

During July and August 2021, everyone who lives, works or spends time in Bishop’s Stortford was invited to say what they thought about the proposed plans for the Old River Lane development and how they would use the cinema and performance spaces proposed.

Over 500 people took the time to respond online and in person. The main findings showed support from younger age groups, particularly those under 30, but lower levels of support from older people who said they would be less likely to visit and make use of the new facilities. This page contains a summary of the consultation results.

Main cinema

  • 88% of all 16-18 year olds and 84% of 19-30 year olds agreed that they would visit the main cinema
  • 11% of the 61+ age group agreed or strongly agreed they would do so
  • Overall  47% of people said they would visit the main cinema

Smaller cinema

  • 51% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed they would visit the smaller cinema,
  • This includes 88% of all 16-18 year olds and 80% of 19-30 year olds
  • This compares to just 17% of respondents aged 61+

Main screen and staged events

  • 57% of all respondents agreed they would visit the main screen for a staged event.
  • This was highest amongst the 19-30 age group (75% agreed or strongly agreed) and 31-45 age groups (72%) and the lowest was in the 61+ age groups (28%).
  • The most popular staged event was comedy / stand up shows, followed by music and drama performances.
  • 67% of all respondents would attend an event in the outdoor performance space and 72% liked the proposals for the space. All age groups demonstrated strong support for the space.

A total of 509 responses were received: 33 people aged 16-18, 100 people aged 19-30, 124 people aged 31-45, 123 people aged 46-60 and 129 people aged 61+.

Take a look at our Old River Lane results presentation for a more in-depth look at the consultation results. 

Next steps...

The project team is now working to progress designs for the arts centre and hopes to share these for further feedback before the end of the year. The process to develop a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to guide development for the whole site starts this month, led by an independent chair.