Work will shortly commence on the Strategic Landscape Masterplan alongside the Village 1 and Village 7 Masterplans.

Following the approval of the outline planning applications and the parameter plans submitted with each application, more detail needs to be developed which will guide how future development will come forward in each village and within the strategic green infrastructure that surrounds and links each village.  

Three masterplans will be developed during 2023:

Information relating to the masterplanning of the strategic landscape that links each village together will be available here in due course.

Information relating to the masterplanning of Village 1 of the Villages 1-6 scheme will be available here in due course.

Information relating to the masterplanning of Village 7 will be available here in due course.

How will the community be involved?

Supporting the adoption of the East Herts District Plan, the Council, Gilston Area landowners and the local community came together to prepare and finalise the Gilston Area Concept Framework. This sets out substantial further detail with regard to the proposals for the development of the Gilston Area.

In addition to the Concept Framework, the Council has also produced the Gilston Area Charter SPD. The Charter will support the production of Masterplans and Design Codes specific to the Gilston Area Villages.

As well as working with other local authorities and statutory bodies, the council is committed through its Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) and District Plan to ensuring that engagement with the local community at every stage of the planning process is undertaken.

Gilston Area Community Engagement Strategy has been produced with input from representatives of the local parishes, which aims to establish how the various parties involved in the growth of the Gilston Area will undertake engagement, collaboration and co-operation with the community at various stages of the planning process. 

Each developer will be building upon the Community Engagement Strategy and agreeing with the Council team how they will ensure members of the local community are engaged in the masterplanning exercises and how their input has influenced decisions.