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Some Individual testimonials are below;

Sandra,73 - Lovely, friendly tutor

'Exercise isn't a stranger - I dig and hedge prunes in my garden - but admit it isn't my best friend and I don't get on with the rowing machine at the gym, either. Will attending a Forever Active class help a new friendship bloom?

I am 73 and rather ashamed of my level of fitness. Yes, I garden for a lot of the year but in the winter I really am not keen on the cold so I tend to look out of the window and think "I really should cut back that Michaelmas daisy" but then don't do anything about it. I don't want to end up being a burden to my husband or my children so I really need to tackle this.

The healthy eating bit I feel I have cracked; I don't eat very much in the way of sugary foods or drinks have a low fat diet, moderate alcoholic intake and watch the carbs. But there is still the matter of exercise.

One day, I got an email from East Herts District Council about a scheme called Forever Active East Herts, which is especially for the over-50s, so I looked on their website to see what was on offer; Loads of things, it transpired! I could do everything from table tennis to tai chi and from walking netball to Zumba. Best of all - I could try the first class for free. What was I waiting for?

One Thursday, found me at a church hall at an Exercise to Music class. Our lovely, friendly tutor put us through our paces, stretching our muscles and helping us to improve our balance, all to music. It was great fun and I really enjoyed myself. My classmates were of all sorts of ages and ability; some were in wheelchairs and others were younger than I. We all worked at our own level and our Tutor had a kind word for everyone. Some of the exercise we did sitting in chairs, some of it was aerobic and some was based on Tai Chi. We even played seated volleyball!

I can thoroughly recommend this class and am going to try some of the other available options'

Martin, 65, Learning at our own speed

I recently reduced my working week to three days and up to now have done very little in my two spare days, apart from lying on the sofa watching the box. I have managed to accumulate large amounts of cellulite and my joints shout at me every morning as I walk downstairs; anyway, I picked myself up one Monday morning and set off to a Forever Active Tai Chi class in Sawbridgeworth.

What a surprise to see so many people arriving and looking forward to the session. A mixture of both sexes and in a range of ages, I am guessing, from early 50s to late 70s.

We started very simply by just centring ourselves, feet slightly apart and breathing slowly in and out. Then we started to balance on one foot and then the other, moving up and down by bending the knees. Many in the class have been for only a few weeks while others had obviously been practicing for some time but the teacher reassured us beginners that it was quite acceptable to move at your own pace and learn at your own speed.

For a chap of my size and fitness level it was bearable. My knees, calves and thighs soon let me know they were working and after a while I felt I was starting to get the hang of moving from one position into the next in a more fluid manner.

I talked to a few of the students after the class to find out more about the therapeutic advantages. Kerry confirmed to me that her back pain had gone and her joints and muscles were stronger. Jenny said it wasn't a five minute wonder but, over time, it certainly helped her osteoporosis and she felt stronger in her legs. While Trevor said his balance had improved and; though he suffers from epilepsy, he felt he had more control.

I thought to myself 'Yes, I could do this with a bit of practice and perhaps this is my first step to a fitter and more supple body'

Several quotes - Forever Active changed my life

  • "Forever Active has changed my life. I have much more energy than before. From doing no exercise whatsoever I now not only do pickle ball, but also badminton, tai chi and golf". Elizabeth, Luffenhall near Walkern
  • "I like the way we pay for each class rather than for a whole term". Christine, Stapleford
  • "Very happy with the introduction of this activity". Ken, Sawbridgeworth
  • "I am impressed with the Everyone Active initiative, and hope to join the aqua aerobics at the pool in Buntingford's Ward Freeman pool". Jacqueline, Puckeridge
  • "This is a great scheme. Please keep it going". Richard, Ware
  • "It is nice to see the village hall put to such good use for the community and improving the health of senior citizens". Chris, Sawbridgeworth
  • "I attend aqua fit and gentle keep fit. I would definitely consider a basic keep fit class-not mad aerobics. I am thinking of learning golf once the weather improves. Whenever I've told someone in a different part of the country about this scheme, they have been amazed and jealous. So please keep it going, extend it, don't stop it". Mandy, Hertford
  • "I'm impressed that the district council is supporting this". Lynne, Sawbridgeworth
  • "Classes are great fun and I always come away feeling better than when I went in". Jane, Buntingford
  • "Excellent facility and service to the community. Lynnette". Watton at Stone