Name that cow...

hand carved longhorn cow scultpture

We recently took delivery of a wooden sculpture of a Longhorn cow at Pishiobury Park, which is located in the picnic area for young children to climb and explore in natural play.

We often get asked its name so we thought we should give him/her an identity.

We recently asked people to come up with possible names for the sculpture. Thank you to everyone that has sent in name suggestions.  We shortlisted the most popular suggestions, and you could of either voted for your favourite online or we asked visitors to vote in person at our FREE Love Parks Week event at Pishiobury on 28 July (12noon to 3pm). 

The winning name is:


Some information about the sculpture:
The sculpture is created from the trunk of an oak tree that was removed from a roadside for safety reasons.  It’s around 9 feet long, took three weeks to carve and is modelled on the English Longhorn which is perfectly suited to help us manage the grassland with their docile nature and ability to eat a much wider range of plants than modern commercial cattle.