Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning is a tier of Planning Policy that empowers communities to shape the development and growth of a local area. It is important to highlight that Neighbourhood Plans must be in conformity with the East Herts District Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

In East Herts Neighbourhood Plans are generally initiated by Town and Parish Councils who interact with the local community.

There are three different types of Neighbourhood Planning documents:

  • Neighbourhood Planning activity in East Herts- set out planning policies for the development and the use of land in a local area. Once adopted a Neighbourhood Plan forms part of the statutory documentation that is used to determine planning applications.
  • Neighbourhood Development Orders
  • Community Right to Build Order

Neighbourhood Planning Guidance

Adopted Neighbourhood Plans will form part of the statutory Development Plan, preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan must follow procedures set out in the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. To find out more, please see the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations on the Gov.UK website

The Council has produced a Neighbourhood Planning Guidance Note which provides assistance and support to those communities wishing to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. For more information, please see our East Herts Neighbourhood Planning Guidance Note [1MB]

Hertfordshire County Council Responsibilities

The Development Services team in Hertfordshire Property are responsible for responding to requests from the Districts on HCC service requirements when preparing their Local Plans. They also provide the responses on behalf of the services to Local Plan consultation documents. This includes Children's Services (school planning/early years/youth services), Health and Community Services (accommodation/libraries/gypsy section), Community Protection (Fire and Rescue) and the Waste Disposal Authority. They are dealing with Neighbourhood Plans in the same way. Therefore any requests for information regarding HCC services should be directed to the DS mailbox at: