Guidance on Private Hire Operators

Anybody, who in the course of business, accepts pre-booked hirings must hold an operators' licence

The booking can be carried out by either a licensed Private Hire vehicle or a Hackney Carriage.

Private Hire operators must keep a record of every booking they accept for a Private Hire vehicle and this record must be available, upon request, for inspection by any authorised Council officer.

Conditions for a licence

The following is a list of conditions which apply to the issue of a private hire operator's licence:

  • The premises must be within East Herts
  • The applicant must be a "fit and proper" person
  • Must maintain records for at least 6 months which show details of the bookings taken and the driver/vehicle which carried out the contract
  • Must NOT allow any private hire vehicle to display the word "taxi" or "cab" or "for hire", or give the impression that the vehicle is a licensed Hackney Carriage.
  • Must have an employee conviction policy if employing anyone other than an East Herts Licensed Driver ie a controller who is taking bookings and/or despatching vehicles.

Applicants are required to have a basic criminal record check at the time of application and at renewal.

If you have met all the above conditions please complete our Private Hire Operator application form.

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