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Community Grants

Funding is available for projects that address East Herts Council's health and wellbeing priorities for 2019/20. These are:

  • Healthy living
  • Income deprivation
  • Infrastructure
  • Widening access

Up to £8,000 is available to fund improvements to buildings and open spaces. Up to £3,000 is available to fund all other projects but please be aware that the higher amounts are normally reserved for projects that run for 6 weeks or longer and will clearly result in positive changes to behaviour.  The maximum amount for a one-off event or activity is £500

The first funding round of 2019/20 is now open for applications and the deadline is 5pm 29th April 2019. Applications forms can be found in the download sections.

For the best experience when filling out this application, please ensure you have a Adobe Acrobat Reader on your device.  If you do not, you can download from the Adobe website. To complete, either select the appropriate radio box or write your answers in the box provided. If you would like to save your work, you can do so by using the save function found in Adobe Acrobat Reader. When you are ready to send to us, press the SEND button found in the form. This will attach the PDF using your email client and you can attach any other information to this email at the same time. Then click SEND in your email client, and we will receive your PDF application by email.

There will be a second round later in the year. Be sure to apply in plenty of time as the council does not fund projects that have already started or when equipment has already been ordered.  If you would like to be notified on these grant opening and closing rounds, why not fill in our grant notification form

Further details on East Herts Council's current priorities for 2019/2020 are listed below.

Healthy Living

Physical activity and healthy nutrition, preventing and delaying the onset of illness, reducing obesity and keeping people healthy and active through:

  • Tackling social isolation - supporting those suffering from loneliness or social exclusion or those who find it difficult to interact the community
  • Supporting people who are tackling addictions
  • Enabling healthier lifestyles
  • Providing dementia friendly activities in the community

Income deprivation

This is not at the exclusion of supporting work that meets the other priorities in areas that do not suffer from deprivation:

  • Galvanising activities in areas with high levels of deprivation
  • Encouraging existing community groups and activities to deliver in disadvantaged areas of East Herts Community  - see the Grants Policy April 2019 [451KB]  for more details


Improving or maintaining community buildings and assets to ensure communities have the right infrastructure to support their residents

  • Galvanising community activities
  • Driving community cohesion
  • Creating safer and resilient neighbourhoods

Widening access to sport and culture for children and young people who are vulnerable or inactive

If you have a project that you feel would meet one or more of these priorities, please read our Grants Policy April 2019 [451KB]  to ensure you would qualify.

For further guidance, please see our FAQ's and assessment process Community Grants FAQ's [183KB]

In all cases, we would encourage community groups to raise funds in other ways such as the new East Herts Lottery. When people buy tickets from your page, your organisations will keep 50p out of every £1 spent.   Depending on the level of involvement of your supporters, the more tickets bought the more you will raise.  Some organisations raise as much as £19,500 in their first year.

East Herts Lottery

Please see the external funding page  which provides a list of potential funding sources.

For further information on our strategy regarding physical health and wellbeing, see the councils  East Herts Health Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2023 [475KB]  and Physical Activity Strategy 2018-23 [5MB]  documents


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