Community Safety Partnership & Contacts

East Herts Council works closely with partners to address crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour.

The East Herts Community Safety Partnership comprises of:

The Community Safety Partnership meets on a regular basis to agree action on local community safety priorities for East Herts.

The latest Community Safety Strategic Assessment created the current Community Safety Action Plan.

Community Safety Useful Contacts

Please use the following list of useful contacts for Community Safety issues, such as CCTV and Domestic Violence.

CCTV- Visit the Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership websiteto view public CCTV coverage in East Herts.

Domestic abuse - Visit the Herts Sunflower Website if you would like to find out more, about the services available to victims and perpetrators.

Beacon Victim Care Centre - If you've been a victim of crime visitthe Beacon website - Hertfordshire Victim Carefor help and information.

Extremist Material -If you are concerned about online content displaying an extremist view you can Report online material promoting terrorism or extremism - website.

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