East Herts Grants Guidelines and Application 2023/24

East Herts grants are issued to voluntary and community groups, not-for-profit organisations, faith groups, and town and parish councils for activities that build stronger, more connected, self-reliant communities, leading to improved health and wellbeing outcomes for residents in East Herts.

Thank you for all your East Herts Grants funding applications that have been submitted for the 2023/24 funding window, which closed at midnight on Monday 22nd January. The process of assessing applications will begin. Successful applicants will be notified within ten weeks of this date. Payments of grants for successful applicants will be made before 31 March 2024. 

Grant giving supports the council’s wider corporate priority of enabling communities as well as the health and wellbeing outcomes described in the East Herts Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-23

Applicants have a choice of three different grants in 2023/24. These are:

  • Community Grants
  • Cultural Activities Grants
  • Environmental Sustainability Grants

Starting your application

Before you start completing the application, please read the East Herts grants priorities advice and guidance to identify which grant is most suitable for your application. 

All applicants must complete section one of the form. For section two please only complete the relevant funding stream you are applying for. 

  • Community Grants - Grant funding available is £300-£3,000
  • Cultural Activities Grants - Grant funding available is £300-£3,000
  • Environmental Sustainability Grants - Grant funding available is £300-£3,000

It is important that your project will be able to link to the priorities for the funding stream you are applying for to show how the expected outputs and outcomes will be achieved.

Additional information

Please read our Q&A for further information relating to the grants. 

Community Grant additional forms

You will need to find your local councillor to see if they are happy to do this and take an active role in the delivery of the proposed project, support the group and monitor proposed outcomes.

The project for which the grant is being sought must be submitted with a written endorsement form from a East Herts Council councillor.

Alternatively, if you are an individual or informal group (with no legal status), the East Herts Councillor in your area or ward will need to complete a Mentor Statement

The grant application is now closed

Hints and Tips

Please read the community grants priority guidance to choose the funding stream which is best suited to your project idea according to the set of priorities listed. 

  • Community Grants 
  • Cultural Activities Grants 
  • Environmental Sustainability Grants

Please tell us about your organisation and project idea, completing the online form as it guides you through each section. A well-evidenced application will allow us to make an informed decision and provide us with an understanding of what you'd like to achieve.

Your application should include:

  • Why you want to undertake the activity/project
  • What and who it will involve
  • How it will benefit East Herts residents
  • The funding stream you have chosen and how it matches to the priorities explained in the community grants priority guidance 
  • An explanation of how you know there is a need for your project. Do make sure you include evidence in your submitted application that shows involvement of the community or your anticipated beneficiaries. 
  • A breakdown of all the costs and what you want us to pay for
  • How you plan to raise the balance of the funds required if you need more than we can award, please see available grant amounts for each grant funding stream
  • Your experience in organising activities or projects in the community

  • Your application will be checked to determine if it is complete and eligible
  • Applications will be scored using to the steps outlined in the assessment process
  • Successful applicants will be notified within ten weeks of the grants closure date on 22 January 2024
  • Payments of grants for successful applicants will be made before 31 March 2024