Completion Notices

Completion Notices are issued by the local authority on new buildings or buildings created by the alteration of an existing building.

The local authority will give a date known as the completion date. The local authority will issue and serve a letter known as the completion notice, when it believes the work remaining to complete a building can be reasonably expected to be completed within 3 months.

Appeal a Completion Notice

The owner has 4 weeks from when the completion notice is served to appeal to the Valuation tribunal. If no appeal is brought by the owner, the date given by the local authority will be deemed the completion date.

Appeal online with the Valuation Tribunal Service

Empty Properties

The 3 or 6 months empty period empty exemption starts from the completion date. The local authority may withdraw the completion by issuing a subsequent completion notice. If however an appeal is pending from the owner, then written consent is required from the owner of the building to amend the date.

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