East Herts Cultural Strategy (2021 to 2025)

The new strategy has been shaped by East Herts’ cultural sector. To fulfil our potential, all partners will need to pull together to strengthen our collective voice.  The East Herts Cultural Strategy 2021 – 2025 is a call to action for everyone involved in arts and culture in East Herts.

The new strategy 

We will know the Strategy has been a success when:

  • East Herts is recognised locally, regionally and farther afield as an ambitious and creative locality in the field of arts and culture and
  • All East Herts residents are able to say they can access rich cultural experiences as part of their everyday lives.

View the East Herts Cultural Strategy 2021 - 2025

Our ambitions

Our ambitions are high. We want to make East Herts a place where:

  • truly extraordinary things happen throughout the district, all year round
  • strong partnerships result in a resilient cultural infrastructure that offers our diverse communities a wide range of cultural opportunities
  • residents along with the public, private and voluntary sectors support each other to encourage entrepreneurial and innovative cultural practitioners to invest, live and work in East Herts
  • investment in arts and culture contributes to tangible gains in health and wellbeing outcomes, economic resilience and environmental sustainability
  • sustainability is at the heart of our cultural infrastructure and activities
  • our achievements are recognised far beyond our district’s boundaries.

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