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Variations, Minor Variations, Transfers & Changes of DPS

Once a permission is granted the holder can apply to make changes to the licence.

You can apply to change an existing license or certficate online.

You can also download the appropriate form from our Alcohol Licence Application Forms page.

There are several changes you can apply for:

  • Variation - Change the permitted hours and activities on the permission. This has the same cost, consultation and time scales as a new application.
  • Minor variation - This is for minor changes that generally fall into 4 categories: minor layout/structural changes, small adjustments in hours, removal or addition of conditions; and the addition of certain licensable activities. This costs £89.00, the consultation is only 10 working day and there is no requirement for a newspaper advert. To avoid your application being rejected please call the Licensing Authority to discuss the matter before submission.
  • Vary the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) - If a Premises Licence authorises the sale of alcohol a designated premises supervisor (DPS) must be named on the licence. If the DPS leaves you must apply to have a new personal licence holder named on the licence before you can sell alcohol. This application costs £23.00, only the Police are consulted and it can take immediate effect.
  • Transfer - If a business changes hands the licence must be transferred into the new name. Until this is done the existing licence holder will remain responsible for any issues at the premises and the annual maintenance fee. This application costs £23.00, only the Police are consulted and it can take immediate effect.
  • Change of name or address of Licence Holder or Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) - If you change your name (for example get married) or move house then you must notify the Licensing Authority of that change so that your licence can be amended. This application costs £10.50 and a new document will be issued. NOTE: If you hold a personal licence you will also need to update the Licensing Authority that issued it.