Street Trading Consent Policy Consultation

We're currently consulting on a revised version of our Street Trading Consent Policy. Deadline for responses is 9am Monday, 16th March 2020

There are a number of important changes proposed in the new Street Trading Consent policy; in summary the new policy will:

  • extend the consent streets to all streets within East Hertfordshire
  • introduce a right to appeal a decision where the applicant feels they have been treated unfairly
  • introduce clear guidelines on what can be considered when reviewing a street trading consent application
  • introduce acceptable standards of appearance for any street trading vehicle or stall.
  • restrict street trading in our Air Quality Management Areas for those traders who require their vehicle engines to be running or the use of a petrol or diesel generator.
  • adopt national standards on what is deemed to be an acceptable size of a layby to allow street trading
  • restrict selling of food and confectionary near educational establishments
  • introduce acceptable standards of behaviour for street traders
  • specify the level of food hygiene training for street traders together with requiring a minimum rating of three under the national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme
  • setting clear guidance on the level of refund if the consent is surrendered part-way through the term of the consent
  • establishing a public register of street traders
  • increase the number of consultees to include the Town and Parish Councils together with the District Council Ward Member.

Please read the proposed Street Trading Consent Policy and complete the consultation form below to have your say.

Street Trading Consent - Consultation form

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Section 1.0 – Purpose and scope of this policy

This section sets out the purpose and scope of the proposed new Street Trading Consent Policy.

For new street traders, this policy will have effect from the date it is agreed by the Council. For existing street traders, it is proposed that the requirements to comply with the new policy will start from date of the traders’ next renewal date. This decision is intended to allow existing traders time to comply with the new requirements.

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