Walkern Neighbourhood Plan First Revision

Date of Designation RequestBody Submitting RequestDesignation AgreedPre-Submission on Consultation (Reg 14)Submission to East Herts (Reg 15)6 week Consultation (Reg 16)ExaminationReferendumAdoption
7 July 2014Walkern Parish Council 6 January 2015January - February 2023May 202312 June - 24 July 2023Nov 2023 - March 2024  


Walkern Council is undertaking a revision of the existing Neighbourhood Plan (adopted in 2018) to bring the policies up to date.  

The principal changes are:  

  • A new ‘countryside gap’ is identified to the west of the village in Policy WLK2,  to strengthen the District Plan Policy for the Rural Area Beyond the Green Belt. 
  • New non-designated heritage assets, local green spaces and protected open space have been added to the Plan. 
  • Strengthened approach to the protection of trees and hedges, including a tree charter to help developers recognise the importance of trees in Walkern. 
  • A new archaeology policy and updates to the site specific policy and design policies.

Current Stage- Examination

Edward Cousins has been appointed to undertake the independent examination of the Walkern Neighbourhood Plan 1st Revision. Correspondence is published below.

Independent Examination documents and dates

Examination DocumentDate

Examiner's initial questions: 

3 November 2023

East Herts Council’s and Walkern Parish Council’s response to Examiner’s questions 1 and 2.

 8 November 2023

Walkern Parish Council’s response to Examiner’s questions 3-9 

27 November 2023

East Herts Council’s response to Q 6 and Q8

27 November 2023

Examiner’s Response

28 November 2023

East Herts Council's Response 

15 December 2023

The Walkern Neighbourhood Plan First Revision Examination has now concluded:

Please note a revised version of the report was added on 2 May to address a minor factual error.

17 March 2023


Submission Consultation (Reg 16)

On the 12 May 2023 Walkern Parish Council submitted the Walkern Neighbourhood Plan First Revision to East Herts District Council under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

A consultation took place for a period of 6 weeks from the 12 June – 24 July 2023. The responses are available to view. 

The submission documents can be viewed below. Should you require an alternative way of inspecting these documents, please call us on 01279 655261.

Please note that because this Neighbourhood Plan is a modification of the existing Walkern Neighbourhood Plan, the Parish Council is required by national guidance to set out in the Modification Statement if they consider the update is minor, material or substantial. Following this consultation East Herts Council will submit a statement to the examiner indicating whether they consider the modifications to be of material or substantial nature. It will be the examiner who makes the final decision as to whether the modifications will require a referendum. 

Representations received under Regulation 16 regarding the plan proposal will be forwarded to an appointed examiner, who will assess the plan proposal and supporting documents against the basic conditions. 

These basic conditions are:

  • having regard to national policies and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State, it is appropriate to make the neighbourhood development plan;
  • the making of the neighbourhood development plan contributes to the achievement of sustainable development;
  • the making of the neighbourhood development plan is in general conformity with the strategic policies contained in the development plan for the area of the authority (or any part of that area);
  • the making of the neighbourhood development plan does not breach, and is otherwise compatible with, EU obligations, and
  • prescribed conditions are met in relation to the neighbourhood development plan and prescribed matters have been complied with in connection with the proposal for the neighbourhood development plan.

Pre-Submission Consultation (Reg 14)

Walkern Parish Council consulted on their Draft Neighbourhood Plan Review between 3 January 2023 and 15 February 2023. 

The Regulation 14 Consultation Draft Version can be viewed on the Walkern Parish Council’s website.