Buryfield Local Park & Play Area

Buryfield Local Park is located on Priory Street in Ware. The park has a newly opened children's play area, specifically designed for toddlers and younger children.

We have been working to create a new younger children's play area in Buryfield open space as part of our programme of play and open space improvements across the District and with input from consultation with local residents, we were able to secure some external funding through "section 106" compensatory funding to move this project forward.

 This is money contributed through the planning process to enhance local play in relation to the development of the new Asda store. Some of this money has also been allocated to the County Council Highways Department so they can improve the footpath links and road layout near the store to deal with the additional visitors to the area.

Buryfield has the character of a traditional town park and we are including some ornamental planting around the new play area fencing installed to minimise the risk of children running into the road. The existing park fence will be refurbished in the same blue colour.

The new play area is specifically designed for toddlers and young children. We have included sand play at some other play spaces in the district and found them to be very popular. Sand play therefore features predominantly in this new play area along with some of the traditional and always asked for items of equipment such as swings, a slide and something that spins.



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