Pishiobury Park is located to the south of Sawbridgeworth, with a signed entrance and car park off the Harlow Road (A1184) and a pedestrian entrance from Newton Drive.

It has many interesting historical features and was an "enclosed" park designed by Capability Brown in the 18th century.

Pishiobury Park is managed by East Herts Council to reflect its parkland character, for nature conservation and quiet informal recreation and is an important area for wildlife with much of the park grazed by cattle in summer. The many native grasses and wildflowers provide an important breeding and feeding area for butterflies. It is still a very special place and the Council works closely with Countryside Management Services to ensure that it is looked after in the best possible way.

The Pishiobury Park Restoration Plan [19MB] provides a detailed description of the parks history and how some of it was lost prior to the Council's taking ownership in 1980.

You can also view a map based overview of the Restoration Plan [1MB] .

In 2006, an initial greenspace action plan, the Pishiobury Park Greenspace Action Plan 2006-2011, was developed to guide the management and works in the park over a five year period. 

Greenspace Action Plan

The current plan includes a number of actions which aim to enhance the value of the park for both wildlife and people, whilst remaining sensitive to the sites historical and ecological significance -please see the latest Pishiobury Park GAP 2024 - 2034 document. 

Cattle in the Park

We have produced a brief guide called Grazing Animals in our Parks [408KB] , which has more information on how and why we graze animals in our parks, and more detailed guidance for visitors.

Please follow the Countryside Code.

We do not graze Bulls, pregnant animals or those that are calving or have young with them.

If you notice any problems with any animals or wildlife in our parks or open spaces please contact the Operations Team on 01279 655261 or see our contact us form. This number can be used out of hours to contact the Council in the event of any emergency.

Friends of Pishiobury Park

Friends of Pishiobury Park was established in 2010 to provides valuable support on the ground and also ensures that local residents get the opportunity to be involved in the park's future.  It is open to anyone interested in supporting the work and aims of the group.  The Friends carry out practical tasks in the park and organise fun events for all the family.


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