Hertford - Sele Ward

Hertford Sele Neighbourhood Plan Details

Date of Designation Request

Body Submitting Request

Designation Agreed

Pre-Submission Consultation (Reg 14)

Submission to East Herts (Reg 15)

6 week Consultation (Reg 16)




28 January 2016

Hertford Town Council

5 April 2016

4 February - 24 March 2019

February 2020 16 July - 10 September 2020 - -



Submission to East Herts - Reg 16 Public Consultation

On the 28th February 2020 Hertford Town Council submitted the Sele Area Neighbourhood Area Plan to East Herts District Council under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

A consultation will run for a period of 8 weeks form the 16th July - 10th September 2020.

Representations must be received by 5pm on 10th September.

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic the consultation will run for a period of 8 weeks to account for any disruption caused. Due also to the closure of the Council offices and social distancing measures, we will not be providing hard copies of the consultation documents at viewing points. All of the submission documents are however available to view on our website below, and should you require an alternative way of accessing these documents, please call us on 01279 655261.

The submission documents can be viewed below:

Please use the Neighbourhood Plan - online comment form to make a representation.

Within the comment form, there is the option to be notified of the Local Planning Authorities decision to 'make' the Neighbourhood Plan under Regulation 19. That is the decision whether or not to make the Neighbourhood Plan part of the development plan for East Herts District.

Please tick the appropriate box.

Pre-Submission Consultation (Reg 14)

Hertford Town Council are consulting on their Draft Neighbourhood Plan between 4 February and 24 March 2019. The Plan will then be submitted to East Herts Council.

For more information, please see The Regulation 14 Consultation Draft Version of the Hertford Sele Neighbourhood Plan

For more information please see the Hertford Town Councils Website

Neighbourhood Area Designation

The Sele Ward was declared a Neighbourhood Area on the 5 April 2016. The designation request and map defining the area can be viewed below: