Northgate End

  • 573 parking bays, including 54 electric vehicle charging bays.
  • This includes 31 disabled bays, of which 3 are electric charging bays.
  • Multi-storey car park across 5 levels.  2 lifts and 2 stairwells.
  • Maximum vehicle height 2.1 metres.
  • Access from 07:00 to 23:00 (no vehicle access 23:00-07:00 each day).
  • Chargeable hours 07:30-20:00.

Car Park open daily from 07:00-23:00 (no vehicle access between 23:00 and 07:00).

Chargeable hours:

Monday - Saturday, 07.30 - 20:00

  • 1 hour   - £0.90
  • 2 hours - £1.80
  • 3 hours - £2.40
  • 4 hours - £3.20
  • 5 hours - £3.90
  • All day  - £4.80

Sundays, Bank & Public Holiday, 07:30-20:00

  •  All day - £1.50

Christmas Day: Free 

Blue Badge holders are able to park free of charge but must display their blue badge at all times.  Please use designated blue badge bays as a priority where these are available.

If a Blue Badge holder is parked in an electric vehicle charging bay they must display their Blue Badge to park for free, but they must pay to charge their vehicle and be plugged in to a PodPoint machine. 

Note: A maximum 5 hour stay is permitted in electric vehicle charging bays.  Users do not need to move their vehicle once it has finished charging, but must move the vehicle to a standard parking bay after the maximum permitted stay of 5 hours if they wish to stay for longer.

Payment can be made using cash, credit or debit card (we do not accept American Express or Diners Club) Apple Pay or Android Pay using the parking machines in the car park.

square containing nine green squares and text that reads paybyphone

This is the most convenient payment method and is very easy to use.  Simply set up a 'Pay by Phone' account by visiting their website or downloading the App. Once your account is set up you can manage your parking sessions online via the website or app. 

Location number: 801462


Check-in /  Check-out:

Simple and easy to use: 

  • Check-in: Enter your car registration details at any machine, opt to check-in and either tap your card on the card reader, or insert your payment card, to check-in.  No need to return to your vehicle.  The start of your parking session is logged and your vehicle registered as parked. 

  • Check-out: When you want to leave simply go to any machine in the car park and either tap the same payment card on the card reader, or insert the card.  The machine will calculate your duration of stay, process the payment and issue you with a receipt. 

You don't need to display a ticket inside your vehicle.

Note: it's important you enter the correct vehicle registration and use the same payment card when you check-in and check-out. 

If you forget to check-out you will be charged the rate for all day parking.


Enter your vehicle registration details at any machine.  Enter cash to value of the duration of stay required.  The machine will issue a ticket confirming the time you need to leave by.  There is no need to display a ticket inside your vehicle.

There are 54 electric vehicle charging bays (51 standard parking bays and 3 disabled bays) with PodPoint charging machines installed.   

  • These bays can only be used if you are charging a vehicle and it is plugged into the PodPoint charging machine. 
  • Parking session payment is not included whilst charging your vehicle and needs to be paid for separately (see section Car Park Payment).  
  • Electric vehicle charging is priced at £0.25 /kWh

If you are going to use an electric vehicle charging bay you must:

  1. Pay for your parking session through any of the payment methods in the section Car Park Payment.
  2. Pay to charge your vehicle through the PodPoint app and ensure it is plugged into the machine.  The app also allows you to check the availability of bays before driving to the car park.
  3. When you plug in you will need to confirm your charge in the PodPoint app otherwise charging will stop after 15 minutes and you will have to start the process again.

Note: there is a maximum 5 hour stay permitted in the electric vehicle charging bays.  You do not need to move your vehicle as soon as charging is complete, but if you wish to park for more than 5 hours you must return to your vehicle and move it to a standard parking bay after your vehicle has finished charging and ensure you have paid for the relevant duration of parking session.

logo that reads podpoint - grey text with green line around pod

Visit the PodPoint website or download the PodPoint app to set up an account and pay for your electric vehicle charging.  

You also need to pay separately for the parking bay, for the duration of your stay, using any of the payment methods above.

  • 10 motorcycle bays - standard vehicle tariffs apply
  • The top deck of the car park will be closed at 23:00 each evening and won't re-open until 07:00 the next day.
exterior photo of Northgate End Car park

Northgate End
Bishops Stortford
CM23 2ES
United Kingdom