Getting to know your Covid marshals

We have introduced a team of Covid marshals to help local residents and businesses across the district follow national guidance and keep people safe.

The marshals will be out talking to residents and businesses across towns and high streets in East Herts in support of the Government's drive to make sure everyone understands the importance of keeping to national guidance.

Our Covid marshals can be easily identified by their hi-viz East Herts Council Covid Support tabards. They are there to help you so don't be shy in asking them for information.

Two Covid marshals patrolling the streets of Hertford

What are Covid Marshals?

East Herts Covid marshals, patrol all areas in East Herts including Hertford, Ware and Bishop's Stortford town centres.
The marshals are available on a purely advisory basis, promoting social distancing in high streets and providing assistance to both residents and businesses on current Covid restrictions and regulations, in line with Public Health measures.

The Covid marshals patrol throughout the week and are on hand to ensure face coverings are worn, where appropriate, and hand sanitation guidelines are followed within businesses.

What do the marshals do?

On a daily patrol, they will visit businesses and provide recommendations on how they can make their premises Covid secure. For example, the marshals have recently advised several businesses that were unaware that they would still need to wear a face covering, even without the presence of a customer.

What are their enforcement powers?

The marshals are trained by the local council on Covid guidelines and are there on an advisory capacity, any enforcement will lie within police power.

What are the benefits of marshals?

The team offer advice around ventilation and the funding which available to local businesses. Marshals will still be patrolling businesses of concern due to high volumes of transmission and transport hubs. They are able to supply face coverings and LFD kits should the public require any, and provide general advice and reassurance. They may also attend any large events in the area. 

The marshals are also provided with information on cases in the district so that they can carry out welfare checks on those that are in isolation.