Name of Applicant
Greene King Retailing Limited
Address of Applicant

Hertford Bell
24 Railway Street
SG13 1BA
United Kingdom

Type of application
Variation of premises licence
Proposed licensable activities
Proposed times
Supply of alcohol and late night refreshment Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 01.00 hours the following morning (currently permitted until Midnight).
DESCRIPTION (If a variation application):
The premises to remain open for an additional 30 minutes following the cessation of licensable activity.
To remove the following conditions from the premises licence:
1. The electrical installation shall be inspected at least once in every five years, or such lesser period as is considered appropriate to the individual case, by a competent electrical engineer appointed by or on behalf of the licensee of the premises and a certificate stating the condition of the installation shall after each inspection, be forwarded to the council by or on behalf of the licensee of the premises.
2. The number of persons (excluding staff, attendants and performers) to be allowed at any one time in the licensed premises shall not exceed: 200.
3. Premises to only use licensed door supervisors.
7. Live music, dancing and similar activities to finish no later than 23.45 hours. (this conflicts with the current permissions on the licence).
8. Live music, dancing and similar activities not to be conducted outside the premises.
9. External background music to be turned off at 21.00 hours.

To amend

11. The age verification policy operated at the premises shall be ‘Challenge 21’. This means that whilst alcohol may be sold to persons aged 18 years or over, any person who appears under 21 years of age shall be required to provide proof of age using an acceptable form of ID. Notices advertising that the premises operate a ‘Challenge 21’ scheme shall be displayed in a clear and prominent position at the premises entrance(s)/and inside at the premises bar serving area.
Remove this section: The only forms of ID that may be accepted shall be: a. proof of age card bearing the PASS hologram logo; b. Passport; or c. UK photo driving licence.
And replace with: The only forms of ID that may be accepted shall be:
Valid Passport from any country
Valid EU country identity card with photo
Valid UK photo driver’s licence
Valid UK photo ID card with ‘pass mark’
Any other form of ID (hard-copy or digital) approved by the Home Office for the purposes of sales of alcohol.

5. There shall be no alcohol consumption in the premises outside areas or courtyard after 23.00 hours.
And replace with:
There shall be no alcohol consumption in the premises outside areas or courtyard after Midnight.

To add the following conditions:
On Friday nights, there will be from 21:00 hours until the premise is empty (and the customers have dispersed from the vicinity outside the premise), (2) SIA registered door supervisors.
On Saturday nights and nights leading into a Bank Holiday, there will be from 21:00 hours until the premise is empty (and the customers have dispersed from the vicinity outside the premise), three (3) SIA registered door supervisors.

Where SIA registered door supervisors are used at the premises:
a. A record must be kept of their SIA registration numbers and the dates and times when they are on duty.
b. They must wear high visibility arm bands or jackets when engaged outside the entrance to the premises.

A digital closed circuit television (CCTV) system to be installed internally ensuring the following:-
a. All entry and exit points must be covered to enable frontal identification of every person entering the premises in any light condition
b. The CCTV system shall continually record whilst the premises is open for licensable activities and during times when customers remain on the premises.
c. All recordings shall be stored for a minimum period of 31 days with date and time stamping. Recordings shall be made available immediately upon the request of Police or authorised officer throughout the preceding 31 day period.
d. A staff member from the premises who is knowledgeable with the operation of the CCTV will be on duty within each 24 hour period. This staff member must be able to show and supply if requested a Police or authorised office recent data or footage with the absolute minimum of delay when requested.
e. Any faults with the CCTV system must be recorded in writing and must be rectified without delay.

A4 size white notices in size 50 black Arial stating “Please respect our neighbours and leave the area quietly” need to be displayed at all entry / exit points.

No under 18 year olds to be on the premises unless accompanies by an adult.

Children shall not be permitted on the premises after 21.00 hours unless taking part in a function or table meal, when they shall be permitted to remain on the premises until the end of that meal or function.

The Premises Licence Holder or Designated Premises Supervisor to ensure that all management and staff are fully trained and briefed on the four licensing objectives, Challenge 21, the conditions on this licence, policies referred to in this licence and awareness of vulnerability and duty of care. Every 6 (six) months these staff are to be given refresher training and this is to be documented in such a way that it can be given to an authorised officer on request. Staff should also sign documentation confirming the training has taken place and the date.

The Premise Licence Holder or Designated Premises Supervisor will ensure that a soft closure procedure is followed at the end of the evening, 30 minutes before the time the premises are due to close. This must include lowering any music, informing people of the approaching closing time, not selling excessive amounts of drinks to people within this time period, encourage sensible drinking and ensuring people have time to finish the drinks they have prior to closure.
Designated Premises Supervisor to ensure groups of people will not be allowed to gather / loiter outside the premises.

All other hours, activities and conditions to remain unaltered.

Date application received
15 August 2022
Closing date for comments
12 September 2022