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Night Time Economy Licensing Consultation

East Herts are seeking the views of local businesses and East Herts residents on a proposed position statement to help the night time economy licensing decision making process.

East Herts Council is responsible for issuing licences, certificates and notices under the Licensing Act 2003 as the Licensing Authority. These can be used to allow the sale of alcohol, regulated entertainment and late night refreshment. As part of the obligations under the Act the authority must publish a Statement of Licensing Policy 2016 [217KB]  explaining how it will carry out its functions, our current policy is not due to be reviewed until 2021.

Following a number of applications for new and varied licences, some of which were ultimately decided by a licensing sub-committee, members of the licensing committee expressed concerns that some parties did not fully understand or engage with the process. As a result the licensing team undertook to draft a position statement relating to how licensing decisions are made relating to the night-time economy.

Proposed Position Statement - Licensing Decision Making relating to Night Time Economy [305KB]

This position statement was produced as an addition to the Statement of Licensing Policy and is aimed at making it far clearer how decisions are made with regard to licensed premises applications. Topics covered are:

  • Who the relevant 'stakeholders' are, going beyond responsible authorities alone, and what should their reasonable expectations be of the licensing process;
  • The Licensing Team's expectations of how the responsible authorities could make their representations so as to make decision-making as transparent and robust as possible;
  • Triggers for enforcement action;
  • An articulation of the benefits of well-run licensed premises to the district - economic and cultural/entertainment;
  • How the council will proactively support best practice in the night time economy, for example, by promoting the use of Live ID and making best use of CCTV

The position statement is a document which, in a similar way to the Statement of Licensing Policy, can be evolved as our towns and night time economy evolves. It is a living document which seeks to assist all stakeholders in reaching resolutions which meet the needs of all parties.

The public consultation is open to anyone who wishes to make comment on the draft document. This is not just people that operate businesses or work in the night time economy but also includes residents, other businesses, responsible authority's, visitors to our towns or any other stakeholders who wish to have a say. Once the consultation is closed the comments received will be considered by the members of the full Licensing Committee before a recommendation regarding adoption is made.

The 6 week consultation closes at midnight on 12th August 2018. Comments on the proposed position statement should be submitted via Night time Economy Consultation Form or in writing to:

Hertford Office
Pegs Lane
SG13 8EQ