Taxi Policy 'Licensing Record Points Scheme' Change

East Herts Council is responsible for the regulation of the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire trade within the boundaries of the district of East Herts.

The council has been given the powers to implement its own policies, conditions and schemes to ensure that the public are kept safe. Any policies, conditions and schemes that have been introduced must be reviewed regularly and updated as and when necessary to ensure that they remain effective. 

The Licensing Records Points Scheme (LRPS) has made up part of the East Herts Taxi Policy for many years. The introduction of the scheme was to work alongside the other enforcement options available to officers, providing a formalised stepped enforcement plan. 

The scheme has allowed Officers to issue Licensing Record Points (LRP) to drivers who have fallen below expected standards and failed to comply with certain requirements. It also acts as a record of the licence holders behaviour and conduct so as to ascertain whether they are a fit and proper person to continue to hold a licence with East Herts Council.

The proposed scheme clearly shows the reasons that points might be awarded, what the associated points would be and who the points would be issued to. It highlights the stepped approach and makes it clear to the licence holder their right of appeal if it is felt that the points issued were not warranted.

The Department for Transport, in its Statutory Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Standards from July 202, recognised that operating a points based scheme is helpful for setting expectations and monitoring behaviour.
A report was taken to Licensing Committee on the 23rd June 2020 and the Committee approved the draft scheme for consultation with the licensed trade, stake holders and the public.

It is important that you take this opportunity to have your say on the changes that are being proposed. The new scheme, if approved, would apply to not only new applicants but all existing licence holders.
We will respond to all comments and suggestions and they will be considered and before a decision is reached.

From this page you can download the existing Licensing Record Points Scheme and the Proposed Revision of the Licensing Record Points Scheme which is the subject of this consultation.

The consultation is open for 8 weeks from 19th July 2021 and will close on the 22nd September 2021 at midnight.

There are two ways to share your views:

  1. Via email to: Please make the subject of your email “LRP Consultation”
  2. In writing either by post or hand delivered to: Licensing, East Herts Council, Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 8EQ.

All of the East Herts current policies including the current Licensing Record Point Scheme can be found on our in the Taxi Licensing section of website and in the Taxi & Private Hire Handbook.