Unmet demand for Hackney Carriage vehicles

In 2019 East Herts Council conducted an unmet demand survey in relation to Hackney Carriage vehicles within the District. At that time there was no evidence of significant unmet demand for Hackney Carriage vehicles and a limit on the number of vehicle licences to be issued was set at 200.

There are two types of vehicles licensed by East Herts:

  • Hackney Carriages have a roof light and plate and can use East Herts ranks or can be immediately hired in the street.
  • Private Hire vehicles which must be pre-booked.

East Herts Council is undertaking a further unmet demand survey of Hackney Carriage provision in the District to see if the demand for this type of vehicle has changed. The purpose of the survey is to determine whether or not there is any significant unmet demand for Hackney Carriage services within the District as defined in Section 16 of the Transport Act 1985. This information will be used to establish if the limit on licences should remain the same or be changed.

The main focus of the survey will be:

  • Ease of use of Hackney Carriage services.
  • Waiting times for licensed vehicles.
  • Accessibility of licensed vehicle services for disabled people.
  • Perceived level of service provided by licensed vehicles and in particular Hackney Carriages.

The survey also aims to determine the level of demand for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) across the district and attitudes towards the requirement for licensed vehicles to be greener and cleaner.

The survey is open to anyone that uses East Herts licensed vehicles to travel, even if it is on a very irregular basis, and closes on 2nd January 2023.